PT 201 Mod 7: Clip Gain

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  1. What is the difference between static and dynamic clip gain? pg144
    Static-clip gain simply means that a single gain adjustment is applied across the entire clip.

    Dynamic- gain setting are applied for a clip that vary over time.
  2. What are some of the differences between clip gain and volume automation?pg144
    Clip gain is applied pre-mixer,

    clip based gain is stored within each individual clip.
  3. What are the two display options for working with clip gain? How can each be enabled?pg144
    • View>Clip>Clip Gain Info
    • View>Clip>Gain Line View
  4. What is the Clip gain fader used for? Does this fader affect static clip gain or dynamic? pg146
    • boost or attenuate the gain settings for the clip.
    • It can effect both.
  5. What modifier would you hold while clicking on the Clip gain fader to rest the clip gain to the default (0db) across the clip? pg146
    Option-Click to reset.
  6. Describe three functions that can be preformed using the Grabber tool when editing clip gain?pg147
    • dd or move breakpoint
    • delete break point
  7. What pencil tool shape can be used for drawing clip gain? How is the Pencil tool behavior different when drawing clip gain compared to when drawing automation. pg148
    Free Hand, Line, Triangle, Square, and Random modes.

    When drawing clip gain settings across an Edit selection on a clip, The pencil tool affects only the portion of the Clip Gain Line within the Edit selection.
  8. How can the trim tool be used to trim the clip gain setting for an entire clip? How can it be used to trim clip gain for only a portion of a clip? pg148
    Position the Trim tool near the Clip Gain Line, a special horizontal Trim icon will appear with a mini fader symbol.

    To trim only a portion you have to make an edit selection.
  9. In what two ways can nudging be applied to clip gain? How would you go about setting the nudge increment for each type of nudging?pg149
    Nudge the breakpoints later( to the right) or earlier (to the left).

    Using the Nudge Value Pop-up Menu.
  10. What keyboard modifier combination forms the basic modifier set for clip gain shortcut? Give some examples of clip gain shortcuts that use this modifier set.149
    Ctr+Shft while pressing [+][-]
  11. How can clip gain settings be converted to volume automation? How can clip gain settings be combined with volume automation on the volume playlist graph? pg152
    Edit>Automation>Convert Clip Gain to Volume Automation
  12. How can clip gain settings be written in to the audio waveform? What affect does this have on the clip and the underlying whole audio file? pg156
    Clip>Clip Gain>Render Clip Gain.

    Clip gain settings will be reset 0dB.
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