PT 201 Mod 8: Automation

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  1. What is the difference between Touch mode, Latch mode, and Touch/Latch mode for automation? (pg.160)
    Touch-Writes automation when an enabled control is touched or clicked and continues writing until the control is released.

    Latch-Writes automation when an enabled control is touched or clicked and continues until play back stops.

    Touch/Latch-Places a track's Volume control in Touch mode and all other controls in Latch mode.
  2. When would you use Trim automation rather then standard automation? (pg.160)
    allows you to apply an offset to existing automation while preserving the underlying automation moves.
  3. What modifier would you use to show the automation graph for a parameter such as volume or pan by clicking on the corresponding on-screen control (fader or pan knob) (pg.162)
  4. How can you display multiple automation playlist for a track? How can you resize an individual automation lane? (pg.163)
    Show/Hide Lanes icon at the bottom of the track.

    Click and drag the bottom line of any given Lane Controls column up or down to resize.
  5. What is the purpose of setting the AutoMatch Time Preference? (pg.165)
    returns a control to the underlying automation level after an automatable control is released.
  6. What is the difference between Global AutoMatch and Channel AutoMatch? What is the difference between these and Parameter AutoMatch? (pg.165)
    Global AutoMatch- force all currently writing parameters back to their previous levels at the same time.

    Channel AutoMatch- writes parameters back to their previous level on that channel.

    Parameter AutoMatch- 
  7. Describe four different  ways to enable plug-in parameters for automation. Which methods apply to existing plug-ins? Which apply only to plug-ins that are subsequently instantiated? (pg.167)
    • Opening Plug-In Automation dialog box.
    • Clicking on controls while holding a series of modifier keys.
    • Plug-In Auto Enable.
    • Control+Option+Command.
    • Plug-In Parameters Default to Auto-Enable.
  8. What are some options for extend currently writing parameters to specific points during playback using Manual Write automation command? How are these commands different from the Write on Stop Commands. (pg.169)
    • Selection Start or Beginning of Session.
    • Selection or Entire Session.
    • Selection End or End of Session.
    • To Punch Point.
    • To Next Breakpoint.
  9. What are two ways to toggle the Automation Follows Edit setting in Pro Tools? When would it be useful to disable Automation Follows Edit? (pg.174)
    • Automation Follows Edit-Edit Window.
    • Option>Automation Follows Edit.

    Disable when changing Audio.
  10. How can you paste automation from one parameter to another parameter? (pg.175)
    To Current Automation Type
  11. How is the Trim tool useful for editing automation? When will trimming affect only a portion of the track? (pg.177)
    You can make a selection louder or softer.

    If you make a selection.
  12. What modifier keys would you use when adding a breakpoint with the Grabber tool to constrain the breakpoint to the previous automation value? What modifiers would you use to constrain the breakpoint to the next automation value? (pg.179)
    • Option+Command
    • Option+Shift
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