PT 201 Mod 9: Mixing with Pro Tools HD

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  1. Explain the different Solo modes available in Pro Tools. Which Solo modes use destructive soloing? (pg.186)
    • After-Fader Listen.
    • Pre-Fader Listen.

    SIP use destructive.
  2. What are the three solo button behavior available in Pro Tools? How are they different from one another? (pg.187)
    Latch-adds subsequent Solo buttons adds them to the solo mix.

    X-OR-cancels previous solos and only solos one track

    Momentary- Only soloed when the solo button is held down.
  3. How are VCA Group different from standard Mix groups? What preference setting affects VCA Group behavior? (pg.190)
    • VCA you don't need to clutch to move an individual fader in the group.
    • Standard VCA Logic For Group Attributes.
  4. How can a VCA Master track be assigned to an existing group? How can a new group be associated with an existing VCA Master track? (pg.190)
    Existing=Click on the Group Assignment Selector.

    New=Create Group dialog box> VCA Selector
  5. What is meant by VCA Trim automation? How does this automation affect tracks that are members of the VCA group? (pg.193)
    VCA Masters own automation.

    effects all tracks
  6. What do the level meters on a VCA Master track indicate? (pg.194)
    indicate the highest level occurring on any member track
  7. What are Global Attributes for Mix groups? How are they useful? (pg.195)
    provides a quick way to set up the basic attributes, these include Solos, Automation modes, Volume, and Mute.
  8. How can you save group attributes as a preset? (pg.196)
    Click Save in the Modifying Groups dialog box.
  9. How do Native plug-ins affect latency on Audio tracks when running Pro Tools HD hardware? On Aux Input tracks? (pg.1980
    Placing Native Plug-in after DSP plug-ins will introduce latency.

    Placing Native Plug-ins on Aux tracks will always introduce latency.
  10. How do Native plug-ins affect voice usage when running Pro Tools HD hardware? (pg.198)
    • mono track will use 2 voices
    • stereo will use 4 voices.
  11. What plug-in format includes Master Link and Channel Selector controls? (pg.199)
    Multi-mono DSP and Native plug-ins
  12. What is the Plug-In Settings menu used for? Where are plug-in settings files stored? (pg.201)
    • Shows presets, and you can save your own.
    • In the Session document.
  13. When do processing-induced delays occur? How can they be corrected? (pg.212)
    • using bussing, inserts, sends and audio interface inputs and outputs.
    • Delay Compensation.
    • Time adjuster plug-in.
    • Nudge tracks.
    • Use same plug-ins on all tracks.
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