The Surgical Patient

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  1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    A model developed by Maslow that expresses human development and progression using developmental stages that prioritize needs
  2. Patient
    The person receiving medical treatment
  3. Physical Need
    Any need or activity related to genetics, physiology, or anatomy
  4. Psychological Need
    A mental requirement or necessity for fulfillment as a person
  5. Social Need
    A need to fit into society and to be accepted by one’s peers
  6. Spiritual Need
    A need for a connection with a higher order
  7. Physiological Needs
    The most basic needs are biological needs, such as the need for water, oxygen, food, and temperature regulation.
  8. Safety Needs
    These needs refer to the perception on the part of the individual that his or her environment is safe.
  9. Love and Belonging Needs
    These are basic social needs--to be known and cared for as an individual and to care for another.
  10. Esteem Needs
    This level of need refers to a positive evaluation of oneself and others, a need to be respected and to respect others.
  11. Self-Actualization
    This is the need to fulfill what one believes is one's purpose.
  12. Roy Adaptation Model
    Views the patient as a bio-psychosocial individual that is constantly interacting with the environment with the ability to adapt by using coping skills in dealing with internal and external stressors.
  13. Common types of coping mechanisms
    • Denial
    • Rationalization
    • Regression
    • Repression
  14. 3 Accepted definitions of death:
    • 1. Cardiac death
    • 2. Higher-brain death
    • 3. Whole-brain death
  15. Five Stages of Grief (Kubler-Ross)
    • 1. Denial
    • 2. Anger
    • 3. Bargaining
    • 4. Depression
    • 5. Acceptance
  16. Roman Catholics
    Do not allow - Birth control and abortion
  17. Jehovah's Witness
    Do not allow - blood transfusions and abortion
  18. American Indians
    • Do not allow - abortion
    • Discourage - birth control and organ donation
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