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  1. 2 variables affect the shape of a horopter.
    • 1) skew - relates to relative magnification, R.
    • 2) curvature - this is the Hering-Hillerband deviation, H.
  2. What is Horopter skew and what is the equation?
    R = tan (alpha-2)/ tan (alpha-1)

    • If both eyes lie on the horopter the 2 angles, alpha 1 & 2 are equal to each other so R = 1 and therefore no relative magnification in either eye. Object space = perceived space.
    • Image Upload 1

    When the 2 angles don't = to make R=1, one eye's image is mag/minified relative to the other, aniseikonia.
  3. If alpha-1 is kept the same and alpha 2 is magnified which way do we move the rod? Closer or farther?

    Image Upload 2
    Closer so the angle of alpha-2 becomes smaller again to match alpha-1.
  4. A horopter always skews towards the ____ eye.
    Magnified eye.
  5. Image Upload 3
    Move the 2 points P and Q to put it back on the horopter and what does the new horopter look like?
    Which point displays Crossed or Uncrossed disparity.
    • P is crossed. Q is uncrossed.
    • Push P farther and pull Q closer.
    • Image Upload 4
  6. If R>1, which eye is magnified and what does the new horopter look like?

    If R<1?
    • R>1 then
    • Image Upload 5
    • ---------------------------
    • R<1 then
    • Image Upload 6
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