Bio40A Lab quiz 1

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  1. What does the CNS consist of
    The Brain and the Spinal Cord
  2. What are the two nervous systems?
    • 1) CNS=central nervous system
    • 2) PNS=peripheral nervous system
  3. What does the Peripheral nervous system consist of?
    Anything outside of the Brain and Spinal cord
  4. What does nervous tissue create?
    • 1) Brain
    • 2) Spinal Cord
    • 3) Nerves
  5. Define Nerves
    A bundle of hundreds to thousands of axons of neurons that are part of the PNS
  6. What are the two general categories of nerves?
    Cranial nerves and spinal nerves
  7. How many nerves do the cranial have
    12 nerves
  8. how many nerves does the spinal have
    • 31 nerves
    • 8-cervical
    • 12-thoracic
    • 5-lumbar
    • 5-sacral
    • 1-cocyct
  9. What are the two types of cells that make up the nervous system?
    Neuron cells and neuroglia cells
  10. What is the function of neuron cells
    They receive and transmit information-rarely divide
  11. What is the function of neuroglia cells
    support,protect, provide nutrients and increase the travel speed of information
  12. Define motor neuron
    a neuron that innervates and stimulates a muscle cell or gland
  13. What is the function of Dendrites?
    send and receive signals from other nerve cells or sensory receptors
  14. What is the function of neuron axon?
    an axon relays action potential to other nerve cells or glands
  15. What is the function of neuron cell axon hillock?
    Axon hillock connects the cell body to the axon
  16. what is the function of the initial segment in a neuron cell?
    Inital segment starts action potential
  17. What is the function of axon collateral?
    an axon collateral sends information to other nerve cells or glands
  18. what is the function of an axon terminal in a neuron cell?
    fine processes at the ends of axons
  19. What is the function of the synaptic end bulb in a neuron cell?
    store and release neurotransmitters
  20. What is? and what is the function of myelin sheath in a neuron cell?
    its a multi-layered lipid and protein covering that insulates the axon and increases the travel speed of nerve impulse
  21. What are Nodes of ranvier?
    gaps in the myelin sheath along the length of the axon
  22. What is a Schwann cell and what is its function?
    flattened cells that encircle PNS axons and produce myelin sheath, it allows action potential to leap across
  23. what is the difference between a neuron cell and a neuroglia cell?
    Neurons receive and transmit information and the neuroglia cell support the neurons
  24. How many types of neuroglia cells are there?
    there are four types of neuroglia cells
  25. what are the four types of neuroglia cells?
    • 1) Astrocytes cells
    • 2) Oligodendrocytes cells
    • 3) Microglia cells
    • 4) Ependimal cells
  26. What is the function of Astrocytes neuroglia cells?
    • 1)provide physical support
    • 2)creates brain blood barrier
    • 3)regulates growth,migration and interconnection among neurons
    • 4)play a role learning a memory
    • 5)maintain proper chemical environment for neurons
  27. What is the function of Oligodendrocytes cells?
    they support and produce myelin sheath
  28. What is the function of a microglia cell?
    They act as the first and main ACTIVE immune defense in the CNS. Microglia phagocytize pathogens within the CNS.
  29. What is the function of Ependimal neuroglia cells?
    produce cerebral spinal fluid
  30. What are the two neuron cells used in the PNS?
    • 1) Schwann cells
    • 2) Satellite cells
  31. What is the function of a schwann cell?
    They produce myelin sheath, help in cell regeneration and allow action potential to leap from one side to the other
  32. what is the function of satellite cells in the PNS?
    insulates cell from surrounding environment.
  33. How many types of nervous tissue are there?
    • six types
    • 1-Astrocytes cells
    • 2-Oligodendrocytes cells
    • 3-Microglia cells
    • 4-Ependimal cells
    • 5-Schwann cells
    • 6-satellite cells
  34. Which cell type lines the ventricles of the central nervous system?
    Ependymal Cell
  35. Which cell forms myelin in the CNS
    Oligodendroglia Cells
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