Warder Pali Chapter 01, 5 Exercises Pali to English

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  1. tathaagato bhaasati
    ("thus-gone" / speaks)

    The "thus-gone" speaks.
  2. upaasako pucchati
    lay disciple / asks

    The lay disciple asks.
  3. puriso eva.m vadati
    person / thus / speaks

    The person speaks thus.
  4. devo amanusso hoti
    god / non-human / is

    The god is a non-human.
  5. eva.m vadami
    thus / I say

    I say this.
  6. khattiyo pakkamati
    warrior / leaves

    The warrior leaves.
  7. mahaamatto nisiidati
    minister / sits down

    The minister sits down.
  8. sama.no tathaagato hoti
    ascetic / "thus-gone" / is

    The ascetic is the Tathagata.
  9. putto upaasako passati
    son / lay disciple / sees

    The son (who is) a lay disciple sees.
  10. braahma.no upasa.mkamati
    Brahmin / approaches

    The Brahmin approaches.
  11. manusso jiivati
    human / lives

    The human lives.
  12. eva.m vadanti
    thus / they say

    They say this.

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Answer Key to Warder's 'Introduction to Pali' Chapter 1
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