Warder Pali Chapter 03, 5 Exercises Pali to English

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  1. bhagavaa dhamma.m deseti
    the Blessed One / the doctrine / teaches

    The Blessed One teaches the doctrine.
  2. raajaana.m va~ncesi
    the king / you deceive

    You deceive the king.
  3. upaasaka.m braahmana.m dhaareti
    the Brahmin / a lay follower / he accepts

    He accepts the Brahmin as a lay follower.
  4. raajaa purise aamanteti
    the king / the people / addresses

    The king addresses the people.
  5. braahma.no brahmaana.m passati
    the Brahmin / God (Brahma) / sees

    The Brahmin sees God (Brahma).
  6. raajaa khattiyo mahaamatta.m pucchati
    the king / a noble / the minister / asks

    The king who is a noble asks the minister.
  7. braahma.naa raajaana.m vadanti
    the Brahmins / (to) the king / speak

    The Brahmins speak to the king.
  8. puriso bhaara.m cha.d.deti
    the man / the load / abandons

    The man abandons the load.
  9. eva.m kathenti
    thus / they relate

    Thus do they relate.
  10. kaala.m paccaya.m pa~n~naapenti
    time / the cause / they declare

    They declare time as the cause.
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