Anatomical Terms

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  1. superior/cephalic
    more toward the head, of above another structure
  2. Inferior/caudal
    More toward the feet or tail, or below another structure
  3. anterior/ventral
    more toward the front or belly-side of the body
  4. posterior/dorsal
    more toward the back or spinal cord side of the body
  5. medial
    refers to the middle or near the middle of the body or the structure
  6. lateral
    refers to the side
  7. proximal
    located nearer to point of attachment to the body
  8. distal
    located farther away from the point of attachment to the body
  9. apex
    tip or summit of an organ
  10. base
    bottom or lower part of an organ
  11. superficial
    more toward the surface of the body
  12. deep
    further away from the surface of the body

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Anatomical Terms
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