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  1. Unofficial: paramedian plane
    saggital plane
  2. Unofficial: arm (whole limb)
    superior limb
  3. unofficial: upper arm
    arm (brachium)
  4. UO: leg (whole limb)
    inferior limb
  5. UO: upper leg
    thigh (femur)
  6. UO: lower leg
    leg (crus)
  7. UO: forefinger
    index finger, second digit of the hand (index, digitus secundus)
  8. UO: forefoot
  9. UO: stomach (anterior, lower trunk)
  10. UO: golgi apparatus
    golgi complex - consists of membranous sacs and vesicles near the nucleus that are interconnected to the endoplasmic reticulum. Manufactures carbs and glycoproteins, and modifies and packages material for secretion from the cell
  11. UO: plasma membrane
    cell membrane
  12. UO: sarcolemma (muscle cell)
    cell membrane
  13. UO: sarcoplasmic reticulum
    • endoplasmic reticulum - (ER) a complex system of double membranes that extends through the cytoplasm from the nuclear membrane to the cell membrane.
    • 2 categories: rough (when studded with ribosomes) and smooth (lacks attached ribosomes)
  14. UO: respiratory epithelium
    ciliated pseudostratified columnar epithelium
  15. UO: bone (the tissue)
    bone tissue
  16. UO: Whartons's jelly
    mesenchyme - primitive connective tissue containing a large population of undifferentiated (stem) cells. Is concentrated in intervertebral discs and small amounts are present in the loose connective tissue around vessels
  17. UO: bone marrow
    bone marrow tissue
  18. UO: smooth muscle (the tissue)
    smooth muscle tissue
  19. UO: skeletal muscle (the tissue)
    skeletal muscle tissue
  20. UO: cardiac muscle (the tissue)
    cardiac muscle tissue
  21. UO: basic germ layer
    (primary) germ layer
  22. UO: primary tissue
    basic tissue
  23. UO: primitive connective tissue
  24. UO: nerve cell
  25. UO: sarcolemma (muscle cell)
    cell membrane
  26. UO: H zone
    H band
  27. UO: sarcolemma
    myolemma (cell membrane)
  28. UO: sarcomere
  29. UO: sarcoplasmic reticulum (muscle cell)
    endoplasmic reticulum
  30. UO: collar bone
  31. UO: shoulder blade
  32. UO: spinous process of scapula
    spine of scapula
  33. UO: acromion process of scapula
    acromion of acapula
  34. UO: bicipital groove of humerus
    intertubercular groove of humerus
  35. UO: olecranon process of ulna
    olecranon of ulna
  36. UO: radial notch
    radial notch OF THE ULNA
  37. UO: styloid process
  38. UO: radiale
    scaphoid bone - (carpal)
  39. UO: navicular bone (within wrist)
    scaphoid bone
  40. UO: ulnare
    triquetral bone (carpal)
  41. UO: greater multangular bone
    trapezium bone (carpal)
  42. UO: lesser multangular bone
    trapezoid bone
  43. UO: triquetrum, scaphoid
    triquetral BONE, scaphoid BONE
  44. UO: metacarpals
    metacarpal BONES
  45. UO: marrow cavity
    medullary cavity
  46. UO: epiphyseal (growth) plate
    epiphyseal cartilage
  47. UO: Sharpey's fibers
    perforating fibers
  48. UO: Haversian system
  49. UO: Harversian canal
    central canal of an otheon
  50. UO: cancellous bone
    spongy/trabecular bone [tissue]
  51. UO: dense bone
    compact/cortical bone [tissue]
  52. UO: innominate bone
    hip bone, os coxae
  53. UO: coxa (the bone)
    hip bone, os coxae
  54. UO: ischial tuberosity
    ischiatic tuber
  55. UO: fibular tarsal bone
  56. UO: tibial tarsal bone
  57. UO: astragalus
  58. UO: metatarsals
    metatarsal BONES
  59. UO: os calcis
  60. UO: maxillary bone
  61. UO: optic foramen of sphenoid bone
    optic CANAL of sphenoid bone
  62. UO: external/internal acoustic canal
    external/internal acoustic MEATUS OF TEMPORAL BONE
  63. UO: olfactory foramina
    cribriform foramina
  64. UO: inferior concha
    inferior nasal concha
  65. UO: wormian bone
    sutural bone
  66. UO: spinal column, spine
    vertebral column
  67. UO: sacrum
    bony sacrum (sacral bone)
  68. UO: odontoid process of axis
    dens of axis
  69. UO: demifacets for head of ribs
    inferior/superior costal fovea of vertebra
  70. UO: articular facets of vertebra
    inferior/superior costal fovea of vertebra
  71. UO: demifacets of rib
    articular surfaces of costal head
  72. UO: vertebrosternal ribs
    true ribs
  73. UO: vertebrochondral ribs
    false ribs
  74. UO: rib cage
    thoracic cage
  75. UO: soft spots (of infant skull)
    fontanels (fontanelles)
  76. UO: arch of the atlas
    posterior arch of the atlas
  77. UO: body of the atlas
    anterior arch of the atlas
  78. UO: thoracic inlet
    superior thoracic opening
  79. UO: thoracic outlet
    inferior thoracic opening
  80. UO: sacral curvature
    pelvic curvature
  81. OU: spanchnocranium
  82. OU: braincase
  83. UO: proximal tibiofibular joint
    tibiofibular joint
  84. UO: distal tibiofibular joint
    distal part of tibiofibular syndesmosis
  85. UO: medial collateral ligament (knee jt.)
    tibial collateral ligament [of knee joint]
  86. UO: lateral collateral ligament (knee jt.)
    fibular collateral ligament [of knee joint]
  87. UO: patellar tendon
    patellar ligament
  88. UO: round ligament of the femoral head
    ligament of the femoral head
  89. UO: compound joint
    composite joint
  90. UO: peg joint
  91. UO: "yes joint"
    atlanto-occipital joint
  92. UO: "no" joint
    atlanto-axial joint
  93. UO: ACL
    anterior cruciate ligament [of knee joint]
  94. UO: PCL
    posterior cruciate ligament [of knee joint]
  95. UO: MCL
    tibial collateral ligament [of knee joint]
  96. UO: LCL
    fibular collateral ligament [of knee joint]
  97. UO: tibiotalar joint
    talocrural joint
  98. UO: slipped disc
    herniated disc/intervertebral disc disease
  99. UO: TM joint (TMJ)
    temporomandibular joint
  100. UO: distal tibiofibular joint
    distal continuation of tibiofibular synedesmosis
  101. UO: deltoid muscle
    deltoideus muscle
  102. UO: SDF
    superficial digital flexor m.
  103. UO: DDF
    deep digital flexor m.
  104. UO: Achilles tendon
    calcanean tendon
  105. UO: quadriceps ligament
    tendon of insertion of the quadriceps femoris muscle
  106. UO: hamstrings
    posterior muscles of the thigh
  107. UO: biceps muscle (thigh)
    biceps fermoris muscle
  108. UO: external oblique m.
    external abdominal oblique m.
  109. UO: internal oblique m.
    internal abdominal oblique m.
  110. UO: triangularis m.
    depressor anguli oris m.
  111. UO: tendinous inscrition
    tendinous intersections of the rectus abdominis m.
  112. UO: frontalis m.
    frontal belly of epicranius m.
  113. UO: occipitalis m.
    occipital belly of epicranius m.
  114. UO: lateral femoral fascia
    fascia lata
  115. UO: patellar tendon
    patellar ligament of the knee joint
  116. UO: lats
    latissimus dorsi mm.
  117. UO: traps
    trapezius mm.
  118. UO: pecs
    pectoralis major mm.
  119. UO: six-pack m.
    rectus abdominis m.
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