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    apparel - the things th e worn by a person; clothing

    Party goers dressed in their finest apparel for New Year's Eve.
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    appreciate - (v) to see the worth or quality of; to increse in value 
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    continuous - (adj) going on without stopping
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    dissolve - (v) to make or become liquid; to bring or to come to an end
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    domesticated - (v) to tame; to bring plants or animals under human control; (adj) brought under human control; tamed or cultivated
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    emerge - (v) to some into view; to appear; to become known
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    fiber - (n) a thin, threadlike part of animal hair or plant tissue; also, an artificial thread that resembles this; an arrangement of body cells that forms muscles and nerves; a food substances that provides bulk but is not digested
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    function - (v) to serve a purpose; (n) the special purpose something is used for; an important ceremony or gathering 
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    hatch - (v) to come or to bring forth from an egg; to think up; (n) a small opening with a door or cover
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    inhibit - (v)to prevent from doing something or to prevent from happening; (n) held back because of shyness
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    minute - (adj) very small; tiny
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    motion - (n) movement, a suggestion on which members at a meeting must vote; (v) to signal
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    sheathe - (v) to cover with something that protects
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    shed - (v) to lose; to give up; to cause to flow; to throw off water without letting it soak through; to send out or give off
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    transfer - (v) to move, carry, send, or change from onw person or place to another; (n) the act of transferring; a ticket used for transferring from one bus or train to another
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