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  1. What is the (NIC) and (IFC)?
    Founded on November 29, 1909 The North-American Interfraternity Conference. 27 charters member fraternities. Originally advisory but is now service organization focusing on university, media, and government relations and educational and leadership programs for (IFC's).
  2. What is the (NPC)?
    The National Panhellenic Conference. The womens fraternity. 26 total
  3. What is the (NPHC)?
    The National Pan-Hellenic Council African-American Fraternity.
  4. What was the first society to adopt a Greek Letter and use Greek alphabet?
    Phi Betta Kappa. December 5, 1776. "Phi. B.K" on one side on the other "December 5,1776".
  5. What were the first three Greek Fraternities (the Union Triad)?
    Kappa Alpha Society, Sigma Phi, and Delta Phi
  6. What is the "Miami Triad"?
     Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi
  7. What is the first African American Fraternity?
    Alpha Phi Alpha at Cornell University 12/4/1906
  8. Alpha Delta Phi and Phi Mu?
    THey were oringinally Aldelphean Society for women and Weslyan Female College
  9. What was the first female organization?
    I.C Sorosis founded on April 28 1857 at Monmouth College in Illinois. New Name Pi Beta Phi in 1888.
  10. What was the first American college fraternity?
    THe Flat Hat Club at College of William and Mary in 1750 in Williamsburg, Virginia.
  11. Who are the founding fathers of Phi Kappa Psi?
    William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore
  12. What is the Creed?
  13. What wrote the Creed?
    John Henry Frizzel Amherst 1889 and Kent Christopher Owen Indiana '58. Adopted by Grand Arch Council in 1964
  14. What is the Greek Alphabet and how to draw it?
  15. What are the 15 Values?
    Damn Pikes Fuck Children

    • Induces cooperative living
    • Ordered (Offers advice and counsel)
    • Eight (Encourage scholarship)
    • Bagles
    • In (increases social poise)
    • Person (Provides leadership and business training)
    • T
    • O (Overcomes Provintialism)
    • W
    • European (enhances loyalty)
    • Federation (Fosters high ideals)
  16. What are the Demands of the Fraternity?
    • Achieve Academically
    • Behave Responsibly
    • Participate in the life of the Fraternity

    • Pay your debts
    • Serve your community
    • Replace yourself before leaving the chapter
  17. How many steps in a four-in-hand knot?
    6 steps
  18. How to tie a bow tie knot?
    6 steps
  19. How many for formal?
    • 14 total
    • 4 forks
    • 3 spoons
    • 2 plates
    • 2 knives
    • 2 cups
  20. What was the Jefferson Duo?
    Phi Gamma Delta and Phi Kappa Psi founded at Jefferson College.
  21. What date was Phi Kappa Psi founded?
    Feb. 19, 1852 in Canyonsburg, Pennsylvania
  22. What is the " The Big 3" or "Jeffersonian Cradle"?
    Harvard, Princeton, and Jefferson College
  23. Why was  Phi Kappa Psi founded?
    Their friends were sickened with typhoid at the college.
  24. Who was the most active man?
    Thomas Cochran Campbell
  25. When was the first Grand Arch Council held?
    1855 in Charlottesville, Virginia. The second was in Canyonsburg, Pennsylvania
  26. What happened during civil war?
    Pennsylvania Alpha enlisted all members in Union Army. 452 enlisted out of 600. After, they recruited 200 more members
  27. What award recognizes the best chapter?
    The Grand Chapter and is awarded at either the Grand Arch Council or Woodrow Wilson Leadership School
  28. What is the Grand Arch Council?
    In charge of decision-making of all chapters
  29. When was the modern governing structure created?
    14th GAC in Indianapolis in April 1886
  30. When was the first ever Phi Psi Chapter built?
    Miller Hall for Pennsylvania Epsilon in 1884.
  31. Who drafted a new constitution?
    William Clayton Wilson
  32. What was the moment of great controversy?
    At Amherst College, Massachusetts Alpha Chapter pledged an African-American man in 1948. They lost chapter and 20 years later Dartmouth also.
  33. How many delegates in Grand Arch Council?
    3 delegates
  34. What is the Grand Arch Council?
    Main Government: composed of 3 delegates per chapter and two alumni association. 2 must be undergrads and 1 alumnus. Meets in even number sessions
  35. What are the GAC positions or E-Board?
    (SWGP) Fraternity President (SWGP) Vice President (SWAG) Secretary and (SWP) Treasurer. Elected by delegation
  36. How many committees at GAC?
    There are 12: Grievance, Extension, Scholarship, Publications, Fraternity Education, Membership, Dispatch of Business, and Alumnai Relations.

    Good Elections Should Pay Frat Members Date Alll
  37. How many Archons?
    6 Districts
  38. What is the Executive Council?
    Has 10 members: etc.
  39. What are the famous songs?
    Noble Fraternity and Amici
  40. What is an Archon?
    An officer of the district.
  41. What is the yell?
    High High High Phi Kappa Psi Live Ever Die Never Phi Kappa Psi
  42. What are the colors of fraternity?
    Cardinal Red and Hunter Green. Orginal Pink and Lavender
  43. What is the fraternity flag?
    • 8 1/2 w by 6 ft high. Vertical with green in middle and red on the outside. Small version
    • 3 1/2 w by 2 ft
  44. What is the flower?
    Jacqueminot rose. the original was the sweet pea
  45. What is the Order of the S.C?
    14 years minimum at least 7 Grand Arch Council meetings should be recognized. Membership 7+ Grand Arch Coucils.
  46. What was the official publifications?
    The Phi Kappa Psi Monthly 1875 Baltimore. The Phi Kappa Psi Quarterly. The Shield is official publication.
  47. what is the "Noble Fraternity"?
    • Noble fraternity phi kappa psi
    • thy loyal sons wouldlift thy banner on high
    • brave may we ever be in all lifes fiercest battles
    • bearing the glorious shield of phi kappa psi

    • sweet bond of unity phi kappa psi
    • thy cherished memory in us  ne'er shall die
    •  joy of our college days well neer tire of giving
    • three cheers and a high high high for phi kappa psi
  48. What is Amici?
    • Our strong band can ne'er be broken. Form'd in ole PHI PSI. Far surpassing wealth unspoken seald by friendships tie
    • College life at best is passing, Gliding swiftly by.  Let us pledge in word and action, Love for old phi psi
    • When we sing our life's
    • last measure, Sweetest then shall be. strains recalling every treasure of fraternity.

    • amici us que ad a ras Deep graven on each heaert
    • shall be found un wavring true when we from life must part.
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