Warder Pali Chapter 03, 6 Exercises English to Pali

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  1. The lay disciples salute the fortunate one
    upaasakaa / abhivaadenti / bhagavanta.m

    upaasakaa bhagavanta.m abhivaadenti
  2. He binds the hands
    bandhati / hatthe

  3. I experience the result
    pa.tisa.mvedemi / vipaaka.m

    vipaaka.m pa.tisa.mvedemi
  4. The king addresses the priest
    raajaa / aamanteti / braahma.na.m

    raajaa braahma.na.m aamanteti
  5. The priest who is minister speaks thus to the fortunate one
    braahma.no / mahaamatto / vadati / eva.m / bhagavanta.m

    braahma.no mahaamatto bhagavanta.m eva.m vadati
  6. Existence is the condition
    bhavo / paccayo

    bhavo paccayo
  7. He remembers the meaning
    dhaareti / attha.m

    attha.m dhaareti
  8. The fortunate one dresses
    bhagavaa / nivaaseti

    bhagavaa nivaaseti
  9. The gods discuss the matter
    devaa / mantenti / attha.m

    devaa attha.m mantenti
  10. The fortunate one asks the king
    bhagavaa / pucchati / raajaana.m

    bhagavaa raajaana.m pucchati
  11. He enters the dwelling
    pavisati / vihaara.m

    vihaara.m pavisati
  12. You rebut the argument
    nibbe.thesi / vaada.m

    vaada.m nibbe.thesi
  13. The king takes counsel
    raajaa / manteti

    raajaa manteti
  14. He renounces gain
    pajahati / laabha.m

    laabha.m pajahati/td

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