Warder Pali Chapter 04, 5 Exercises Pali to English

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  1. upaasakaa nisiidi.msu
    lay-followers / sat down

    The lay-followers sat down [D.II.85 — xvi.(Mahaaparinibbaana).1.22]
  2. bhutaapubba.m raajaa Disampati naama ahosi. Re.nu naama
    in the past / king / Disampati / by name / there was / Renu / by name

    At one time there was a king named Disampati. The prince named
  3. kumaaro putto ahosi. Govindo naama braahma.no purohito ahosi. Jotipaalo naama maa.navo putto ahosi.
    prince / son / was / Govinda / by name / Brahmin / prime minister was / Jotipala / by name / young Brahmin / son / was

    Renu was his son. The prime minister was a Brahmin named Govinda. The young Brahmin named Jotipala was his son.
  4. Re.nu ca raajaputto Jotipaalo ca maa.navo sahayaa ahesu.m.
    Renu / and / prince / Jotipala / and / young Brahmin / friends / were

    Prince Renu and the young Brahmin Jotipala were friends.
  5. atha kho Govindo braahma.no kaala.m akaasi.
    then / indeed / Govinda / the Brahmin / time made (died)

    Then Govinda the Brahmin died.
  6. Raajaa Disampati paridevesi
    king / Disampati / grieved

    King Disampati grieved.[D.II.230-231 — xix.(Mahaagovinda).29]
  7. eva.m tadaa aasi
    thus / then / it was

    This is how it was.[D.I.143 — v.(Kuu.tadanta).21]

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