Warder Pali Chapter 06, 6 Exercises English to Pali

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  1. Let the fortunate one sit down
    bhagavaa / nisiidatu

    nisiidatu bhagavaa
  2. Bring that!
    aahara / idam

    ida.m aahara
  3. That man must come
    so / puriso / etu

    etu so puriso
  4. Let the priest not trouble himself
    braahma.no / ti.t.thatu

    ti.t.thatu braahma.no
  5. He makes an opportunity
    karoti / okaasa.m

    okaasa.m karoti
  6. The king said this: "We must go"
    raajaa / avoca / etad / maya.m / gacchaama / ti

    raajaa etad avoca: maya.m gacchaamaa ti
  7. I do not say this world doesn't exist
    na / vadaami / aya.m / loko / na / atthi / ti

    aya.m loko na n'atthii ti na vadaami
  8. Give that up!
    pajaha / ta.m

    ta.m pajaha
  9. Let not the honorable Govinda go forth
    maa / bhava.m / Govindo / pabbaji

    maa bhava.m Govindo pabbaji
  10. Study! (plur.)
    sajjhaaya.m / karotha

    sajjhaaya.m karotha
  11. Ask the fortunate one (about) this subject matter
    pucchatha / bhagavanta.m / et.am / attha.m

    bhagavanta.m et.am attha.m pucchatha
  12. This conch makes a noise
    aya.m / sa"nkho / karoti / sadda.m

    aya.m sa"nkho sadda.m karoti

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Warder Pali Ch. 6 Exercises English to Pali
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