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  1. Overarching verse describing generally the move of the Divine Trinity
    Eph 1:3
  2. From selection and predestination in eternity past
    Eph 1:4-14
  3. From the foreknowledge of God the Father in eternity past
    1 Pet. 1:2
  4. The conception of the God-man as the embodiment of the Triune God
    Luke 1:35
  5. The conception and birth of the God-man as the embodiment of the Triune God
    Matt 1:20-23
  6. The person of the God-man- the embodiment of the Triune God realized as the Spirit
    John 14:6-24
  7. The person of the God-man-in whose name the Father sends the Son
    Johb 14:26
  8. The person of the God-man-sending the Spirit from/with the Father
    John 15:26
  9. The person of the God-man- having all that the Father is and being realized by the Spirit
    John 16:23-15
  10. Baptism for the work if the God-man
    Matt 3:16-17
  11. The work of the God-man
    Matt 12:18
  12. The work of the God-man
    Heb 9:14
  13. The consummation of the process that the God-man went through
    Matt 28:19
  14. The God-man in ascension
    Acts 2:23-33
  15. The great salvation, generally
    Heb 2:3-4
  16. Saving lost sinners specifically
    Luke 15:3-32
  17. The access granted in salvation
    Eph. 2:18
  18. Salvation through regeneration and renewing
    Titus 3:4-6
  19. The Savior sent for the abiding of the believers
    1 John 4:13-14
  20. The Spirit's indwelling based on the death of Christ
    Rom. 5:5-6
  21. The Son sent to redeem and the Spirit of the Son sent into our hearts
    Gal. 4:4-6
  22. The Spirit's indwelling
    Rom 8:9
  23. Being attached to the anointed Christ
    2 Cor. 1:21-22
  24. Being wrought for our transfiguration and having the Spirit as a pledge
    2 Cor 5:5-6
  25. The gifts for the building up of the church
    1 Cor 12:4-6
  26. Priests of the gospel
    Rom 15:16
  27. Letters of Christ
    2 Cor 3:3
  28. The gift of God
    John 4:10
  29. The testifying of God
    1 John 5:6-9
  30. Being filled unto the fullness of Christ
    Eph 3:14-19
  31. The Body of Christ
    Eph. 4:4-6
  32. The blending practice for the Body of Christ
    Eph 5:19-20
  33. The warfare of the Body of Christ
    Eph 6:10-11,17
  34. Our daily life- exalting the Son
    1 John 4:2
  35. Our daily life- being persecuted
    1 Pet 4:14
  36. Our daily life- experience and enjoyment generally
    2 Cor 13:14
  37. Our daily life- experience ad enjoying in the degraded state of the church
    Jude 20-21
  38. Our glorification
    2 Thes 2:13-14
  39. Carrying out God's eternal economy
    Rev 4:2-5;6
  40. The initiation and existence of the church
    1 Cor 3:10-16
  41. The service in the gospel issuing in the church becoming imitators of the Lord
    1 Thes 1:4-7
  42. In the churches unto the end of the age
    Rev 1:4-5
  43. Eternity future
    Rev 22:1-2

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