Biolegy Exam:Cloning

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  1. What is artifical clonning? How is it done?
    When a vert early embryo is seperated into indvidual cells in a petri dish in a lab. Each divides and delveolps on its own and is then implanted in a surgote mother.
  2. What is Somatic cell transfer? How is it done?
    When a somtaic celltaken from an adult and then injected into an unfertillzed egg and then implanted into the uterus of a surgote mother.
  3. How are Artifical twinning and Somatic celsl transgaer simaler? How differnt?
    Both are implanted into a surgote mother and both create clones. But adult somatic cells preseve the genes (genotype) when aftrifiacl twinning doesnt not.
  4. What are some health risks of clonning?
    • Tumors
    • genetic deffects
    • pre-mature aging
  5. What are stem cells? How can they be useful to further science.
    Stem cells are cells that dont have a "job" yet. They can become anything the want. They could be useful to science to help create certain cells to cure dieseases or to help create organs.
  6. What is the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells? Is thereany advantages of one over the other?
    Adult stem cells are less pluripotent (can be whatever they want) and are harder to get, but are less likely to be rejected from the body. Embyonic stem sells are pluripotent and are easily taken but can be considered killing a humen due to the fact that it is a zygote.
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