chap 5

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  1. According to the nationwide survey cited in the test
    in a typical police organization, first line supervisors outnumber managers in all other administrative positions.
  2. Sergeants need to divide their time between doing and managing, which can be referred to as 
    the 50 percent rule
  3. Supervisory skills include
    operational, human, and conceptual
  4. Positional power sources include 
    referent, expert
  5. Personal power sources include 
    legitimate, coercive, reward
  6. The theories of leadership can be grouped into which three categories?
    trait theories, behavioral theories, contigency theories
  7. Ralph Stogdills identified group of traits associated with leadership effectiveness include
    status, responsibility and capacity
  8. The behavioral model identifies two basic types of leadership behavior, which are 
    consideration and initiating structure
  9. A supervisor who feels comfortable emphsizing consderaton is likely to use 
    two way communication and show respect for officers ideas
  10. A supervisor who has activities carefully planned and communicated, has deadlines established, and gives instructions is said to be emphasizing 
    initiating structure
  11. Under the ___ first developed by Fred Fiedler and associates, the leaders style must match the demands of a specific situation
    contingency model
  12. According to Fiedler, there are two basic styles of leadership which are
    relationship oriented task oriented
  13. For the newly appointed supervisor who's influence is limited the __ leadership style will be most effective
    task oriented
  14. Interaction of the leadership style extent of control and the situational dimension result in a position whereby the relationship oriented leader is most effective in a __ situation and the task oriented leader is most effective in __ or__ situations
    moderate control, high control, low control
  15. T/F Taking on a leadership positions reqires first line supervisors to rely on their established view of themselves  and to maintain a reliance on knowledge, methods and techniques that have worked for them in a line position
  16. T/F The move to a first line supervisory position in LE reqires grater consideration of human skills
  17. The discharge of leadership responsiblilites is a demanding role and forces a supervisors to make decisions and control behavior
  18. According to More leadership is defined as the process of influencing personal activies toward the achievenment of goals T/F
  19. A knowledgeable supervisor who demonstrates the ability to implement, analyze, evaluate and control situations and resolve problems is readily accepted
  20. The trait approach does not acknowledge the complex interaction between the actions of the leader and situation T/F
  21. The concept of initiating structure defines the leader's behavior in delineating the relationship between leader and work group and in endeavoring to establish well defined patterns of organization channels of comunication and methods or procedures T/F
  22. The concept of considration degines the leaders behavior as being indicative of friendship mutual trust respect and warmth in the relationship between leader and work group T/F
  23. According to Fred Fiedlers theory of leadership there are four factors of importance T/F
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