Biolegy Exam: Mitosis & Meiosis

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  1. What type of cell division produces somatic cells?
  2. What type of cell division produces gametes?
  3. Are cells that are produced during mitosis identical or not to the orginal cell? how many are produced?
    yes they are identical to the orginal cell, two are produced
  4. Are cells that are produced during meiosis identical or not to the orginal cell? how many are produced?
    no, due to the crossing over that happens, and 4 are produced/
  5. What are homolgous chromsomes?
    A pair of chromosomes are called HOMOLOGOUS CHROMOSOMES because they are similar in shape, size and gene (banding) arrangement.
  6. What is synapsis and what occurs in the process?
    the pairing of homolgous chromsomes during prophase 1
  7. what is a chromotid
    half of a chromsome
  8. What is a centromiere?
    its connects the two chromotids togather
  9. What produces spindle fibres?
  10. What is the proper term for a chromsomes map?
  11. What is nondisjunction? what does it cause?
    During anapahse when the chromsomes pull apart  an extra or less chromsome is taken to one side  during divison. this can cause a monsomy or trisomy gentic disorder.
  12. What is down syndrome?
    trisomy, when there is an extra 21 chromsome
  13. Klinefelters
    Trisomy, when there is an extra X chromosome in males
  14. Turner syndrome
    Monsomy ,  only one X chromsome in women
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