EC-135 Acronyms

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  1. ADC
    Air Data Computer
  2. FCDS
    Flight Control Display System
  3. FCDM
    Flight Control Display Module
  4. CPDS
    Central Panel Display System
  5. FLI
    First Limit Indicator
  6. FADEC
    First Authority Digital Engine Control
  7. CAD
    Caution and Advisory Display
  8. PFD
    Primary Flight Display
  9. ND
    Navigation Display
  10. SEMA
    Smart Electro-Mechanical Actuator
  11. EHA
    Electronic Hydraulic Actuator
  12. MHA
    Mechano-Hydraulic Actuator
  13. ICP
    Instrument Control Panel
  14. RCU
    Reconfiguration Control Unit
  15. GA
    Go Around
  16. SAS
    Stability Augmentation System
  17. P/R/YAW
  18. P DAMP
    Pitch Damper
  19. AHRS
    Attitude and Heading Reference System
  20. VEMD
    Vehicle and Engine Mulifunction Display
  21. APM
    Autopilot Module
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EC-135 Acronyms
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