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  1. Total number of primary channels
  2. Total number of channels
  3. What is the first, most superficial layer?
    Cutaneous Region
  4. What layer is below the Cutaneous Region?
    Sinews Channel
  5. Collectively, the Cutaneous Region and Sinews Channel are known as [BLANK] layer.  It corresponds to [BLANK] Qi.  And is referred to as the [Exterior/Interior]?
    • 1) Defense Layer
    • 2) Wei Qi / Qi
    • 3) Exterior
  6. How many channels are in the Cutaneous Region?  How many channels are in the Sinews Channel?
    • 12 Cutaneous
    • 12 Sinew
  7. The most important layer is called the [BLANK] Channels?  And contains how many channels?
    • Primary
    • 12 Channels
  8. Which layer is below the Sinews Channel?  And how many Channels are in that layer?
    • Luo Vessels
    • 16 Channels
  9. Individual Primary Channels corresponds to what?
  10. Collectively, the Luo Vessels and Primary Channels corresponds to [Blank] Qi or [Blank].
    • Ying Qi
    • Blood
  11. What is the first layer of the Interior?
    Primary Channel
  12. Collectively, the Divergent Channels and Extraordinary Vessels corresponds to what?
    Essence / Jing / Yuan Qi
  13. How many channels are in the Divergent Channels?
  14. How many channels are in the Extraordinary Vessels?
  15. What layer is below the Primary Channels?
    Divergent Channels
  16. What layer is below the Divergent Channels?
    Extraordinary Vessels
  17. What is the purpose of the Luo Vessels?
    Expel pathogens from the primary Channels but also provide a path for pathogens to invade into the Primary Channels.
  18. What layer does the Luo Channels start, end, and cross?
    • Branches off the Primary
    • Crosses the Sinews
    • Opens into the Cutaneous Region
  19. What are the 9 Body Orafices
    • 2 eyes
    • 2 ears
    • 2 nose
    • 1 mouth
    • 1 Anus
    • 1 urogenital
  20. The Divergent Stars at what layer and leads to what?
    Starts at the Primary and leads to the Orifices.
  21. What is the relationship between Tissue and Zhang-Fu?
    Tissue is anything NOT zhang or fu
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