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  1. Where can O2 pressure be read?
    • MFD STATUS page (O2 corrected for temp)
    • At the O2 cylinder panel (un-corrected for temp)
  2. What happens if the cockpit oxygen pressure digital readout is below 842 psi?
    This indicates a NO DISPATCH condition
  3. Do the cockpit crew and passengers share the same emergency oxygen?
    No, the cockpit crew uses a single high pressure O2 cylinder and the cabin passengers use O2 chemical generators
  4. Once the chemical generators are started can they be shut off?
  5. Which O2 cylinder do we use?
    77 cu. ft.
  6. What activates when the flight deck O2 masks are removed from their storage unit?
    • Flow of O2
    • Mask microphone
    • Flight deck speakers
  7. What happens if the TEST/RESET button is pressed while the flight deck O2 masks are not stowed?
    • Stops flow of O2
    • Deactivates mask microphone
    • Deactivates flight deck speakers
  8. What type of oxygen will the quick-donning cockpit crew masks provide?
    • Emergency - pure oxygen with positive pressure
    • 100%  - pure oxygen at all altitudes
    • Normal - oxygen/air mixture on demand (ratio depends on cabin altitude)
  9. During preflight how would you know if the cockpit crew O2 has been overpressurized?
    The green blow-out disk would be missing on the forward right side of the fuselage
  10. What is the duration for passenger O2?
    12 minutes
  11. What is the duration for the flight attendant cylinder O2?
    30 minutes
  12. What is the duration of the PBE?
    15 minutes
  13. When will the passenger O2 masks automatically deploy?
    AUTO on the Passenger Oxygen knob and cabin altitude is between 14,000' and 14,750'
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