Developmental Psych-Piaget

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  1. Name Piaget's four stages of development?
    • 1. Sensorimotor (0-2 yrs)
    • 2. Preoperational (2-6 yrs)
    • 3. Concrete Operational (7-12 yrs)
    • 4. Formal Operational (12-Adult)
  2. What happens during the Sensorimotor stage (0-2 yrs) of development?
    The infant explores the world through direct sensory and motor contact. Object permanence and seperation anxiety develop during this stage.
  3. What happens during the Preoperational stage (2-6 yrs) of development?
    The child uses symbols (words and images) to represent objects but does not reason logically. The child has the ability to pretend. During this stage the child is egocentric.
  4. What happens during the Concrete Operational stage (7-12 yrs) of development?
    The child can think logically about concrete objects and can thus add and subtract. The child also understands conservation (the understanding that although an object’s appearance changes, it still stays the same in quantity) A child's thought processes become more mature and "adult like." They start solving problems in a more logical fashion. Ability to distinguish between their own thoughts and the thoughts of others. Children recognize that their thoughts and perceptions may be different from those around them.
  5. What happens during the Formal Operation stage (12 yrs-adult) of development?
    Intelligence is demonstrated through the logical use of symbols related to abstract concepts. At this point, the person is capable of hypothetical and deductive reasoning. During this time, people develop the ability to think about abstract concepts.
  6. What is meant by assimilation?
    It describes how humans perceive and adapt to new information. It is the process of taking one’s environment and new information and fitting it into pre-existing cognitive schemas. Assimilation occurs when humans are faced with new or unfamiliar information and refer to previously learned information in order to make sense of it
  7. What is meant by accommodation?
    Accommodation, unlike assimilation is the process of taking one's environment and new information, and altering one's pre-existing schemas in order to fit in the new information.
  8. Is Piaget theories cognitive or behavioral?
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