Spanish Grammar

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  1. What is a Noun
    Person Place or a Thing
  2. What is a Verb
    A word used to define an action
  3. What is a Adjective
    Describes a Noun
  4.  Demonstrative Adjective?
    Adjective that points out aparticular noun
  5. What is a Interrogative Adjective?
    An adjective used to form questions.
  6. What is a Possessive Adjective (unstressed)?
    An adjective that indicates possession or a special relationship.
  7. What is a Possessive adjective (stressed)?
     An adjective that moreemphatically describes possession
  8. What is a Clause?
    A Constructed sentence that contains a Subject and a Verb

  9. What is a Main (Independent) clause
    A clause that can stand on its own because it expresses a complete thought.

    • Si yo fuera rica, me compraría una casa.
    • If I were rich, I would buy a house
  10. What is a Subordinate (Dependent) clause 
    A clause that cannot stand on its own becuz it does not express a complete thought.

    • Si yo fuera rico, me compraría una casa.
    • If I were rich, I would buy a house.
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