Refinery Safety Overview (RSO) 7

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  1. __________is common in warm, moist conditions and is due to inflammation of the sweat glands.
    Heat rash
  2. What are some of the treatments for Heat Stress?
    A. Rest in cool or shady area
    B. Loosen or remove outer clothing
    C. Have a beer
    D. Both a&b above
    D. Both a&b above
  3. What is the most serious health problem for workers in hot enviornments?
    Heat Stroke
  4. A properly filled out Hot Work Permit will prevent Heat Stress/ Stroke
    True or False?
  5. What is the normal body core temperature?
    98.6 F
  6. What is the symptom of heat exhaustion?
    Heavy sweating, thirst, skin is clammy, weak and rapid pulse.
  7. When the body reaches 106 Fahrenheit , it is called a heat stroke. What should you do?
    Call for medical help. Lower the body temperature.
  8. What is a symptom of heat rash?
    Inflammation of sweat glands: "Red Blisters"
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