584 Treatment Planning in Occupational Therapy

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  1. Aims to restore an impaired capacity or ability with the expectation that this improvement will bring about general change in client’s activities, tasks and roles.
    Remedial Therapy
  2. Usually entails three possible therapies
    •changing the context 
    •re-establishing habits and routines, 
    •acquiring new skills and strategies
    Adaptive Therapy
  3. Is usually employed when a remedial approach does not result in full restoration
    of the clients pre-morbid functioning OR the client wants to optimize their level of independence while working toward restoration.
    Adaptive Therapy
  4. Improve the intrinsic abilities and functional skills of the individuals
    • The rehabilitative and educational
    • approach.
  5. Person gains other skills to help him or her adapt in spite of the impairment or disability.
    Compensatory approach
  6. Individual is provided devices to help
    function in the presence of a disability
    Assistive technology approach
  7. The environment or the expectations of
    tasks required are adapted (includes habits and routines)
    • Activity or environmental accommodation
    • approach
  8. The individual is assisted by another person to perform a task
    Personal assistance approach
  9. What are the 4 Multidimensional Outcomes of Occupational Therapy Intervention?
    • 1.Function (performance component function)
    • 2.Occupational performance (independence in ADL, work &leisure)
    • 3.Health and well-being (symptoms status improvement, prevention of disability)
    • 4.Quality of life (purposeful participation in community life, emotional well-being, balance of activity and rest, life satisfaction) 
  10. What are 2 key questions in treatment planning?
    1.In what broad ways will this client’s life, health and functioning improve as a result of therapy at this point in the recovery or adaptation process?

    2.How long will it take to realize these benefits?
  11. Top down or Bottom up?
    With the client, the therapist will determine where the deficits lie in performance
    components and build a tx plan to correct these.
    Bottom up
  12. Top down or Bottom up?
    With the client the therapist first determines which occupations have been disturbed by the current pathology and build a tx plan to correct the problems that are leading to the functional limitations.
    Top down
  13. Starts with analysis of the whole and break down into its parts
    Top down
  14. Synthesis – piecing together of
    parts to give rise to a greater understanding of the whole
    Bottom up
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