Microbiology Lab Quiz 1

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  1. Foundation of Scope
    Lamp found here
  2. Central, vertical portion of scope
    Other component are mounted to this
  3. Eyepiece
    10x magnification
    One may contain a pointer
    If two present one may need to be adjusted for proper, in-focus vieing
    Ocular Lens(es)
  4. Housing for the Objective Lenses
    Rotating Nosepiece
  5. Each of four main lenses
    4x Scanning
    10x Low
    40x High
    100x Oil Immersion
    Objective Lenses
  6. Flat area where slide rests
  7. Spring-loaded piece which holds slide in place
    Stage Clip
  8. Hang from bar on right of stage
    Used to move slide while on stage
    One for left/right
    One for forward/backward
    Stage Clip Knobs
  9. Brings slide into focus
    Used only w/scanning objective
    Moves stage very quickly
    Coarse Focus Knob
  10. Brings slide into focus
    Used w/all objectives except scanning
    Fine Focus Knob
  11. Direct means to adjust light intensity
    Located below on/off switch
    Light Intensity Knob
  12. Set of lenses used to focus light through the slide
    Can be moved up to focus/strengthen the light
    Can be moved down to dim/diffuse the light
    Can effect contrast of objects on the slide
    Condenser Lens Assembly
  13. Housed in Condenser Lens Assembly
    Works like the shutter in a camera
    Can be opened/closed to change the amount of light going through the slide
    Iris Diaphragm
  14. Total Magnification
    Magnification of objective lens X Magnification of ocular lens (always 10x)
  15. Parfocal
    same (or almost same) focus as previous/next lens
  16. Colony Morphology Characteristics (used to identify/characterize a colony)
    • Size
    • Color
    • shape
    • Margin
    • Opacity
    • Elevation
    • Surface (dull, glossy, shiny)
  17. Culture Medium
    • Nutrient source for the growth and culturing of microorganisms (gen. TSA: Tryptic Soy Agar in this class)
    • May be solid or liquid "broth" form
  18. Petri Dish Labels should include:
    • Initials
    • Name of Culture
    • Date of Culture Prep
    • Lab Section
    • All Should be written on the perimeter base (agar filled) plate
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