Science Section 3 Pt. 1

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  1. When was Sputnik launched
    October 4, 1957
  2. What year was Explorer I launched? Under the direction of which scientist
    Launched in 1958 under the direction of Werner von Braun
  3. Which president created Nasa
    Dwight Eisenhower
  4. What was the first space probe to hit the moon
    Luna 2, 1959
  5. What ship was Yuri Gagarin aboard
    Vostok I
  6. Who became the first American in space
    Alan Shepard (though not in orbit)
  7. Who was the first American to orbit earth?
    John Glenn 1962
  8. Between 1961-1964 by what percent was Nasa budget increased?"
  9. How many Nasa employees were involved in the lunar landing program? How many people in general?
    34000 and 375000
  10. Which German rocket scientist claimed that after the launch of Sputnik, Russia had won a propoganda victory and he was "unimpressed"
    Willy Ley
  11. Who was director of Project Vanguard
    John F. Hagen
  12. For what ocassion was Sputnik II to be launched for
    40th anniversary of the Russian Revolution
  13. What was sent on the jounry of Sputnik II
    Laika, a small Husky with only enough room to lie down or stand
  14. What did Russia claim about the death of Laika? How did she really die?
    They said she was put to sleep after several days, but in reality an electronic short lead to the cabin reaching up to 120 degrees and she died of het exhaustion
  15. Which soviet space craft to pictures of the far side of the moon
    Luna 3
  16. Who was responsible to manage the Ranger program
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena Calif.
  17. How were the attempts of Ranger 1-5
    All failures for the most part but Ranger 4 did crash onto the moons surface amking it the first spacecraft to reach lunar surface
  18. How was Ranger 6
    It was fitted with a telivision camera to send back high definition images of the moon but ended burning and crashing damagin the camera system
  19. What was the result of Ranger 7
    It sent back thousands of photos and showed the moon as having a relatively smooth surface. In one shot of a crater we can see boulders at the bottom, proving the moon could support a lander
  20. What did Dr. Shoemaker argue?
     That craters on the moon were formed by large meteorites hitting the moon then smaller fragments landing near by
  21. What was the result of Ranger 8
    Sending back more photos it showed images of the craters Ritter and Sabine which to some scientist looked like large calderas; this sparks talks of volcanic origin of craters
  22. What was the result of Ranger 9
    Sending back images of the crater Alphonsus and adding to the arguement of volcanic origin - it also broadcast images live to earth with the caption "Live from the Moon"
  23. What was the result of Lunar Orbiter I
    Image Upload 1Caught the picture which captured the worlds imagination, a cresent of the earth hanging over a barren lunar landscape
  24. What was the result of Lunar Orbiter II
    Sent back more photos and caught what was called the "Picture of the Century" of the crater Copernius with the Carpathian mountians in the background
  25. What percent of the Moon was covered by the 5 Lunar Orbiter missions
  26. What was an important product of the first Lunar Obiter mission
    it noticed flux in gravity which was attributed to small mass concentrations called Mascons benath the maria
  27. Who was the Soviet Unions anonymous chief of Rocketytytytytyy
    Sergei Korolev
  28. Which craft did the Soviets claim made a soft landing on the? But what was the reality of the landing?
    Luna 9, the reality was that the landing was hard and no human could have survived
  29. Which space craft made the first true soft landing on the moon
    Surveyor I
  30. How was Surveyor I's experience on the Lunar surface
    It was not designed to survive the cold so went into hibernation, then woke later to take and send back images
  31. What was the result of Surveyor II
    it was a complete failure and crashed into the moons surface
  32. How did Surveyor 3 make history twice
    Because it's engines failed it bounces on the lunar surface 3 times and took samples with its Soil Mechanics Surface Sampler proving the rocks were solid and not small parts
  33. How was Surveyor 5 almost a failure
    A leak in a helium tank used to pressurize the vernier engine but wwas fixed by some changes
  34. What did Surveyor 5 give evidence of
    That the lunar surface was composed of oxygen, silicon and aluminum - giving it basaltic origin
  35. What does Vostok stand for?
    Russian for east
  36. What features were present inside of Vostok I
    Cameras, space to ground radio, control panel, life equipment, food and water
  37. How many orbits was Yuri Gagarin's flight
  38. What did Yuri say the earth resembled
    A blue Halo
  39. Did Gagarin have any control over the space craft
    No, since scientist didn't know how the conditions would effect Gagarin they disabled the controls
  40. How was Gagarin's landing almost a catastrophe?
    On the way back to earth it began to spiral down but stabilized as the cabin disconnected from the rocket
  41. who was the pilot of Vostok II
    German Titov
  42. Who was the first woman and civilian in space
    Valentina Tereshkova
  43. Who was the first female in space from the United States
    Sally Ride
  44. What was the United States first manned space program
    Project Mercury
  45. What were the qualifications to become a pilot in Project Mercury
    Max age of 40, max height of 71 inches, max weight of 180lbs , and a college education
  46. Who was Chuck Yeager
    US Airforce pilot who was widely considered the best test pilot who was left out of Project Mercury because of a lack of college education
  47. Who were the Mercury "Seven"
    • The test pilots selected for Porject Mercury who were
    • M. Scott Carpenter
    • L. Gordon Cooper Jr. 
    • John Glenn Jr.
    • Virgil "Gus" Grissom
    • Walter Schirra Jr.
    • Alan Shepard Jr.
    • Donald "Deke" Slayton
  48. Of the Mercury Seven, who was removed because of an irregular heatbeat
    Donald "Deke" Slayton
  49. What was the first American ballistic missle, responsible for carrying the first two Mercury Capsules? Which rocket carried the reaming capsules?
    • Redstone (version that carried the Mercury capsules was Mercury-Redstone)
    • The Mercury-Atlas carried the rest
  50. What was carried in two of the original Mercury flights? What was in the final test flight?
    • A monkey
    • IN the final test flight a Chimpanzee named Ham was sent in
  51. Who was the pilot of the first Mercury manned space flight? What did he name hiks capsule?
    Alan Shepard named his capsule Freedom 7
  52. Which pilot made the second Mercury space flight? What did he name his capsule?
    Gus Grissom in Liberty Bell 7
  53. What improvements did Liberty Bell 7 have over Freedom 7
    Easy to use hand controls and an explosive escape hatch
  54. What problem did Grissom face on his mission
    After landing in the Atlantic ocean the bolts on the side hatch exploded filling the cabin with water and sinking the capsule. He was rescued unharmed 
  55. Who was the first American to see a sunset and sunrise from space
    John Glenn from his capsule Friendship 7 (Mercury Missions)
  56. What problem came up during John Glenns flight on Friendship 7
    His heat shield had came loose, so when he entered atmosphere he would burn up - he was instructed to keep the retrorockets on for a layer but as it seems when he touched down safely the indication of the heat shield being loose was false
  57. What did Scott Carpenter name his capsule? What was he responsible for while in orbit? 
    Aurora 7, he spent his time counting stars, photographing sites on earth, and recording how fluids reacted in a weightless environment 
  58. For what reason was Scott Carpenter not selected for another space flight
    While coincidently bumping the side of his capsule he noticed a bright shower of particles coming off the side which he referred to as "fireflies" he was distracted by them and overshot his re-entry 
  59. Who flew the six - orbit Mercury Mission and what was his capsules name?
    Walter Schirra in a capsule he named Sigma 7
  60. What did Walter Schirra's flight prove
    Being the highest flight of the Mercury Project it proved an astronaut could fly in a capsule for at least a day
  61. Who flew the final Mercury Mission
    Gordon Cooper on Faith 7
  62. What were the three issues that had to be overcome to land on the moon
    • The ability of space craft to dock
    • the ability of astronautics to work outside the space craft in space
    • the ability for humans to work over long periods in space 
  63. What Russian program was initiated in response to Gemini, and also, to bridge the gap between Vostok and Soyuz
    Voskhod "Sunrise" 
  64. The ejection seat in Vostok was replaced with what in Voskhod? 
    For a seat that could fit two in suits, or three without suits
  65. In the Voskhod program, safety was given __________ consideration
  66. What was the main purpose of the Voskhod program?
    To achieve the first ever EVA
  67. What is an EVA 
    Extra-Vehicular Activity
  68. How many flew on Voskhod 1
    • 3
    • Vladimir Komarov
    • Boris Yegorov
    • Engineer Konstantin Feoktistov
  69. How did Konstantin Feoktistov earn a seat on Voskhod 1
    His hands in helping transition Vostok spacecraft into the Voskhod
  70. What are two firsts of the Voskhod 1
    • First to send multiple humans into space 
    • First to send humans into space without suits
  71. What did the crew do in their one day in space
    Carried out medical experiments 
  72. Who were the two cosmonauts of Voskhod 2
    • Aleksei Leonov
    • Pavel Belyayev
  73. What was a first of Voskhod 2
    Leonov first to attempt an EVA 
  74. What was an unexpected problem with Leonov's EVA
    On his way back to the space craft his suit had ballooned up and he couldn't re-enter the spacecraft, he released air from his suit and fit back in 
  75. What was a major problem with the re-entry to earth for the Voskhod 2 craft
    The automatic re-entry features didn't work, so Belyayev have to manually bring her back in, they landed somewhere in the Ural Mountains 1240 miles off course and spent the night in the cold with wolves 
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