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  1. WhatGreek epic poem recounts the story of Achilles and the Trojan War?
    a)      The Iliad
  2. 1.      What was the region or state controlled by Athens?
  3. 1.      What was the polis?
    a)      The city-state
  4.   What two opposing aspects of Greek civilization were represented by Apollo and Dionysus?
    Logic vs. emotion
  5.    Which Greek god represented supreme good?
      None of the above
  6.       Who was the first known “author” in the history of western literature?
  7. Who is the Greek goddess of intelligence and understanding?
  8.  Who are Achilles, Agamemnon, Hector, Patroclus and Priam?
    The main characters in Iliad
  9. Why is painted pottery emphasized in the study of the first 300 ears of Greek art?
     Little other art has survived.
  10. What was the meander found on Greek geometric pottery?
     A maze pattern
  11.  By the eighth century B.C.E. what had become the principal subject of Greek art?
    The human body
  12. What was the purpose of the amphora with a hole in its base?
    To give offering to the dead
  13. What was an important basis for Corinth’s political and economic strength during the sixth century B.C.E.?
  14. What impact did the tyrants have on Greek society?
    They supported the arts
  15. What is the archaic smile?
    A facial expression
  16. What is a mode
    A scale
  17.  In Greek music, what was the doctrine of ethos?
     Music can influence human behavior
  18. What is a lyric verse?
    Poetry which conveys personal feelings
  19. Who was the first woman to leave a literary record of her personal feelings?
  20. Which philosopher tried to explain all phenomena in terms of one or more material elements?
  21.  Who was the first great Greek historian(the “Father of History”)?
  22. Cithara
    Greek msical instrument. A seven-sringed lyre
  23. Aulos
    Greek double-reed musical instrument
  24. Juranus
    A dance resembling the movements of crane
  25. High relief
    Sculptures deeply craved out of a block of stone
  26. Hubris
    Excessive pride and ambition
  27. Koure
    Draped, standing female figure
  28. Metopes
    Rectangular panels on a doric frieze
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