Brents Anatomy

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  1. What is thrombophlebitis?
    Blood clot and contraindication for heat.
  2. Name the 5 contraindications for heat.
    Thrombophlebitis, Impared Sensation, Impared mentation, Malignancy, Infrared irradiation of the eyes.
  3. What is Malignancy?
  4. What is edema?
  5. What is the first five precautions for heat?
    Acute injury or inflamation, Pregnancy, Impared circulation, poor thermal regulation, edema
  6. What are the second five precautions for heat?
    Cardiac insufficiency, metal in the area, over open wound, where topical counter irritants have been applied, demyelinated nerves.
  7. What is the tempature of the water a moist heat pack is stored in?
  8. How many layers of towels with moist heat pack?
  9. With moist heat pack when is the first skin check, and how ling should it stay on total?
    5 min, 20min duration
  10. How long does a heat pack take to reheat?
  11. How hot is paraffin heated?
  12. How many times do you dip in paraffin?
  13. What is the paraffin mixture?
    6:1 or 7:1 with mineral oil
  14. What are the 7 contraindications to cryotherapy?
    hypersensativity, intolerance, cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold cryoglobinuria, raynauds disease or phenomenon, over regenerating peripheral nerves, circulatory compromise or peripheral vascular disease.
  15. What is hypersinsitivity?
    breaking out in hives
  16. What is intolerance?
    cant tolerate cold
  17. What is cryoglobulinemia?
    blood turns to gel, and finger tips get blue
  18. What is paroxysmal cold cryoglobinuria?
    blood in urine
  19. What is Raynaud's Disease?
    digitalsynosis, intolerance in digits. (people who have to wear gloves in summer)
  20. What is over regenarating peripheral nerves?
    aggrivates nerves, (when you ice the knee the foot will go numb)
  21. What is circulatory compromise?
    decreased circulation due to inflamation
  22. What are the 6 precautions for cryotherapy?
    superficial main branch of nerve, open wound, hypertension, poor sensation, poor mentation, very young/old
  23. What is hypertension?
    high blood pressure
  24. What are the sensations a pt will go through during cryotherapy?
    intense cold for 3 min, burning for 4-7min, anasthesia or analgesia for 8-15 min, numb for 15-30min
  25. What is the temperature of a cold pack?
    23 degrees
  26. How long do you typically apply a cold pack, how long for spasticity(clonus)?
    15 min, 30min
  27. How do you perform ice massage for analgesia?
    rub small overlapping circles on affected area for 5-10 min and wipe away excess water
  28. How do you perform ice massage for muscle facilitation?
    3-5 sec quick stroke over muscle
  29. What is the temperature of a cold bath and time?
    55-64 degrees, 5-15 min
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