Vocabulary Q1

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  1. Definiton
    the explanation or description of what a thing is, or what a word/phrase means/has meant.
  2. Etymology
    Origin and analysis of a word as shown by breaking it down into its constituent historical elements. "the study of the true/real meaning of a word"
  3. Affix
    collective term for prefixes, suffixes, and infixes.
  4. Root/Base
    the central element of a word which is left after the removal of all affixes.
  5. Prefix
    one or more letters or syllables placed at the beginning of a word to modify it meaning. 
  6. Assimilation
    process by which adjacent sounds (usually consonants) acquire similar/identical characteristics. 
  7. Euphony 
    tendency toward greater ease of pronunciation resulting in combinative changes, largely due to speed and economy of utterance. 
  8. Vowel Gradation
    a change in the internal vowel of a base, often went he base is prefixed. 
  9. Acronym 
    an abbreviation that spells a word or pronounceable unit. 
  10. Back Formation
    the creation of simpler forms from more complex forms, usually by the removal of an affix. 
  11. Apheresis 
    The elimination of the first letter or syllable of a word. 

    • -aphesis (loss of the first syllable of a word)
    • -syncope (loss of syllabel in the middle of a word)
    • -Apocope (loss of a syllable at the end of a word)
  12. Cognate 
    a word having the same linguistic derivation as another; from the same original word/root
  13. Derivative 
    process of forming a new word from an existing word. 
  14. Doublets
    a Latin base has entered English twice; once from Latin and once from French
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