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  1. Command-A
    Select all clips
  2. Command-F
    Open the Filter window (does not hide)
  3. Command-K
    Show or hide the Keyword Editor
  4. Command-Shift-K
    Create a new keyword collection
  5. Command-Z
    Undo the last command
  6. Command-Delete
    Move the selection to the trash
  7. Option-N
    Create a new event
  8. I
    Set the start point for a selection
  9. O
    Set the end point for a selection
  10. Left Arrow
    Move the playhead to the previous frame
  11. Right Arrow
    Move the playhead to the next frame
  12. Slash (/)
    Play the selection
  13. Spacebar
    start or pause playback
  14. Control-F
    show favorite clips and ranges
  15. Control-H
    Hide rejected clips and ranges
  16. Control-Y
    Show or hide clip information when skimming in the Event Browser
  17. U
    Remove ratings from selection
  18. Delete
    Reject the Event Browser selection
  19. N
    Turn snapping off and on
  20. Command-N
    Create a new project
  21. Control Click
    open a shortcut menu (right click)
  22. ,   (comma)
    Move selection to the left 1 frame
  23. .   (period)
    Move selection to the right 1 frame
  24. Shift-, (comma)
    Move selection to the left 10 frame
  25. Shift-. (period)
    Move selection to the right 10 frame
  26. Command-0 (zero)
    Open the Project Library
  27. Command-1
    Go to the Event Browser
  28. Command-2
    Go to the Timeline
  29. Command-Shift-2
    Open the Timeline Index
  30. Command  - (minus)
    Zoom Out
  31. Command = (equals)
    Zoom in
  32. Shift - I
    Move the playhead and skimmer to the beginning of the range selection
  33. Shift-O
    Move the playhead and skimmer to the end of the range selection
  34. Shift-Z
    Zoom the contents to fit the size of the event browser, Viewer or Timeline
  35. Shift-S
    Toggle audio skimming
  36. Up Arrow
    Go to the previous item (Event Browser)

    Go to the previous end point (Timeline)
  37. M
    Set a marker in the Timeline ruler
  38. Option-N
    Adds a marker in the Timeline ruler and opens the Edit Marker dialogue
  39. Command-Y
    Create audition-clips
  40. Command-Control-Y
    Preview the audition clips
  41. Shift-Option-Y
    Finalize the audition
  42. Command-G
    Create a storyline
  43. Shift-Delete
    Lift an item or section from the Timeline and leave a gap
  44. Control-; (Semicolon)
    Move the playhead to the previous marker
  45. Control-' (apostrophe)
    Move the playhead to the next marker
  46. Command-Shift-1
    Show/Hide the Event LIbrary
  47. Option-W
    insert a gap clip into the Timeline to act as a placeholder

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