FCP X Lesson 4 Review

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  1. What methods can you use to create a new project?
    Click the New Project button (plus sign); Control-click a folder or drive, and from the shortcut menu, choose New Project; or select the target location, and choose File > New Project, or press Command-N.
  2. What four different methods allow you to edit clips into your project?
    To create an edit, click an edit button in the toolbar; choose an editing command from the Edit menu, such as Append; press a keyboard shortcut; drag a clip from the Event Browser, from a media browser such as the Photos Browser, or from the Finder.
  3. What is an append edit?
    An append edit adds one or more clips to the end of a project or selected storyline.
  4. How can you zoom in or out of an area of the Timeline?
    Press Command-= (equals) to zoom in, and press Command-– (minus) to zoom out. You can also zoom in and out by dragging the Zoom control in the lower right of the Timeline.
  5. How do you change the display size of the clips in the Timeline?
  6. How can you view a list of all clips in the project in the Timeline?
  7. How can you quickly adjust a clip’s volume in the Timeline?
  8. How can you mute specific audio tracks for a clip in the Timeline?
  9. Why would you want to select the Duplicate Project and Referenced Events option when duplicating a project?
  10. How can you toggle snapping on or off?
  11. When you drag clips to rearrange their positions in the Timeline, what visual indicator shows where the clip will be positioned when you release the mouse button?
  12. How would you connect music or B-roll to the primary storyline in your Timeline?
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