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  1. Koch's postulates are criteria used to establish that...
    A specific microbe is the cause of a specific disease.
  2. Organic chemicals always have a basic framework of the element                   bonded to other atoms.
  3. ATP is best described as...
    The energy molecule of cells
  4. The important solvent associated with living things is...
  5. Disease- causing microorganisms are called...
  6. Which term does NOT belong in this list?
    PH 8
  7. All microorganisms are best defined as organisms that...
    Are too small to be seen with the unaided eye
  8. The lipid group that is the major component of cell membranes are the...
  9. Experimentation...
    Provides a means to gather objective data
  10. The microorganisms that do NOT have a nucleus in their cells are called...
  11. The study of the immune response to infection caused by microorganisms is...
  12. Which of the following is a scientific name?
    Streptococcus pyogenes
  13. The building blocks of an enzyme are...
    Amino acids
  14. Anything that occupies space and has mass is called...
  15. The smallest and most significant taxon is...
  16. What is the maximum number of electrons in the second energy shell of an atom?
  17. Which acticity is an example of biotechnology?
    Eschericia coli producing human insulin
  18. The subatomic particles that surround the nucleus are the...
  19. Helminths are...
    Parasitic worms
  20. Which group of microorganisms is composed only of hereditary material wrapped in a protein covering?
  21. Which of the following is found in eukaryotic cells but NOT in prokaryotic cells? 
    All of the choices are correct
  22. Viruses have all the following EXCEPT...
  23. Gram negative organisms...
    Are less suseptible to antibiotics than gram positive organisms
  24. Viral nucleic acids include which of the following...
    All of the choices are correct
  25. The short, numerous appendages used by some bacterial cells for adhering to surfaces are called...
  26. Which organelle is found in algae but NOT found in protozoa or fungi?
  27. Which of the following is MISMATCHED?
    Plasmids- genes essential for growth and metabolism
  28. The site for ribosomal RNA synthesis is the...
  29. In eukaryotic cells, ribosomes have two locations: scattered in the              and on the surface of                .
    Cytoplasm, endoplasmic reticulum
  30. In eukaryotic cells, which of the following contains DNA?
    Nucleus, chloroplast, mitochondria
  31. Host cells of viruses include...
    All of the choices are correct
  32. One of the principal capsid shapes is a 20-sided figure with 12 evenly spaced corners referred to as a(n)            capsid.
  33. An irregular cluster of spherical cells would be called a/ an...
  34. Diagnosis of viral infections sometimes involves analyzing the patient's blood for specific                    that the immune system produced against the virus.
  35. Which of the following is NOT associated with every virus?
  36. Which order below reflects the correct procedure for Gram staining?
    Crystal violet- Iodine- Alcohol/Acetone- Safranin
  37. The outcome of the Gram stain is based on differences in the cell's...
    Cell wall
  38. The process of dissolving the envelope and capsid to release the viral nucleic acid is...
  39. Which of the following is NOT a phenotypic trait of bacteria?
    RRNA sequencing
  40. During the Gram stain, gram           cells decolorize when the alcohol is applied.
  41. First genetically engineered protein approved for human use was...
    Human insulin
  42. The term obligate refers to...
    existing in a very narrow niche
  43. An organism that uses C02 for its carbon needs would be called a/ an...
  44. The use of energy by a cell to enclose a substance in its membrane by forming a vacuole and engulfing it is called...
  45. Archea as a group are NOT pathogens. This is because...
    Mammalian hosts do not meet their environmental requirements.
  46. The movement of substances from lower to higher concentration across a semi permeable membrane that...
    Active transport
  47. Glycolysis...
    uses 2 ATP, produces 4 ATP, without oxygen
  48. The most likely place where an exoenzyme participates in a chemical reaction is...
    outside of the cells
  49. Transgenic animals are              modified organisms
  50. In bacteria cells, the electron transport system is located in the...
    cell membrane
  51. Formation of peptide bonds between amino acids to build a polypeptide would be called...
  52. What compound has the highest concentration in a cell?
  53. All of the chemical reactions of the cell are called...
  54. Each of the following are true of enzymes EXCEPT...
    They increase the activation energy of a reaction.
  55. Bacteria living in a fresh water stream that are moved to salty seawater would...
  56. The process of forming glucose from various metabolic intermediates is called...
  57. An organism that can exist in both oxygen and oxygen-less environments is a/ an...
    Facultative anaerobe
  58. The term autotroph refers to an organism that...
    uses CO2 for its carbon source
  59. Enzymes are...
    proteins that function as catalysts
  60. Diffusion of water thru semi-permeable membrane is called...

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