Cell 2

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  1. Cell Wall
    • Inside is the membrane
    • Porous
    • Everything goes through it
    • Provides shape to the cell
    • Provides some degree of protection. 
    • Gives it structure
    • Protects, Structurally supports cell
  2. Chloroplast
    • Produce Glucose (and starch)
    • Are green because they contain the green pigment chlorophyl
    • Specializes in photosynthesis.  Some starch storage
  3. Vacuole
    • Stores water and minerals
    • Increses cell surface area; stores metabolic wastes
  4. Amyloplasts
    • They store starch
    • They are located close to Chloroplasts.
    • They are transparent
  5. Nuclear Envelope
    • Control the passage of certain molecules between the nucleus and the cytoplasm.
    • Controls what goes in and out of the nucleus
  6. Nucleolus
    • Source of the Ribosomes
    • A dense irregularly shaped region where ribosomal subunits are assembled
  7. DNA / Chromatin
    It is a single strand of DNA.  It is when it is long and spread out
  8. Nuclear Pores
    Each is an organized cluster of membrane proteins that selectively allows substances to cros the nuclear membrane
  9. Nucleus
    Protecting and controlling acces to DNA
  10. Ribosomes
    • Produce Proteins
    • They can be found floating around in the cytoplasm or the membranes
    • Free-Floading – are producing protein to be used within that cell
    • Attached – Protein - They are going to be shipped out somewhere else.
  11. Rough Endo-plasmic Reticulum
    • Modifies proteins made by ribosomes attached to it
    • Have ribosomes attached
  12. Smooth Endo-plasmic Reticulum
    • They produce lipids
    • They pinch the vesicles and they move to the organelles and they contain protein and lipids.

    Makes lipids, breaks down carbohydrates and fats, inactivates toxins
  13. Golgi body
    • Finishes, sorts, ships lipids, enzymes, and proteins
    • Produces Sugar
    • Received vesicles from the smooth ER that contain proteins and lipids and proteins and sugars   
    • Combines Sugars with lipid:  glycolipids
    • Combines Sugars with protein: glycoproteins
  14. Lysosome
    • Contain proteins
    • Digestive protein
    • Job is to go around the cells and pick up waste products and bacteria
    • Enzyme-filled vesicle that functions in intracellular digestion
  15. Plasma Membrane
    • Selectively controls the kinds and amount of substances moving into and out of cell; helps maintain cytoplasmic volume, composition.
    • Control of substances moving into and out of cell.
  16. Mitochondrion
    • They take in Glucose and combine it with oxygen and they release Carbon Dioxide, water and energy (ATP).
    • Energy are in little storage batteries call (ATP)
    • Process is called:  Cellular respiration.
  17. Centrioles
    • Only organelle that are found in Animal Cells
    • In pairsc
    • Aid in cell division in animal cells.
  18. Cytoskeleton (Cytoplasm)
    • Is the ultimate structure of the cell.
    • Functions:
    • Helps maintain the shape of the cell.
    • Allows the cell to move (Breath/Expand)
    • Holds the organelles in place.
    • Directs traffic throughout the cell
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