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  1. arboretum
    N. place where different tree varieties are exhibited. Walking along the tree-lined paths of the arboretum, Rita noted poplars, firs, and some particularly fine sycamores.
  2. arcade
    N. a covered passageway, usually lined with shops. The arcade was popular with shoppers because it gave them protection from the summer sun and the winter rain.
  3. arcane
    ADJ. secret; mysterious; known only to the initiated. Secret brotherhoods surround themselves with arcane rituals and trappings to mystify outsiders. So do doctors. Consider the arcane terminology they use and the impression they try to give that what is arcane to us is obvious to them.
  4. archaeology
    N. study of artifacts and relics of early mankind. The professor of archaeology headed an expedition to the Gobi Desert in search of ancient ruins.
  5. archaic
    ADJ. antiquated. "Methinks," "thee," and "thou" are archaic words that are no longer part of our normal vocabulary.
  6. archetype
    N. prototype; primitive pattern. The Brooklyn Bridge was the archetype of the many spans that now connect Manhattan with Long Island and New Jersey.
  7. archipelago
    N. group of closely located islands. When Gauguin looked at the map and saw the archipelagoes in the South Seas, he longed to visit them.
  8. archives
    N. public records; place where public records are kept. These documents should be part of the archives so that historians may be able to evaluate them in the future.
  9. ardent
    ADJ. intense; passionate; zealous. Katya's ardor was contagious; soon all her fellow demonstrators were busily making posters and handing out flyers, inspired by her ardent enthusiasm for the cause. ardor, N.
  10. arduous
    ADJ. hard; strenuous. Her arduous efforts had sapped her energy.
  11. aria
    N. operatic solo. At her Metropolitan Opera audition, Marian Anderson sang an aria from Norma.
  12. arid
    ADJ. dry; barren. The cactus has adapted to survive in an arid environment.
  13. aristocracy
    N. hereditary nobility; privileged class. Americans have mixed feelings about hereditary aristocracy. we say all men are created equal, but we describe particularly outstanding people as natural aristocrats.
  14. armada
    N. fleet of warships. Queen Elizabeth's navy defeated the mighty armada that threatened the English coast.
  15. aromatic
    ADJ. fragrant. Medieval sailing vessels brought aromatic herbs from China to Europe.
  16. arousal
    N. awakening; provocation (of a response). On arousal, Papa was always grumpy as a bear. The children tiptoed around the house, fearing they would arouse his anger by waking him up.
  17. arraign
    V. charge in court; indict. After his indictment by the Grand Jury, the accused man was arraigned in the County Criminal Court.
  18. array
    V. marshal; draw up in order. His actions were bound to array public sentiment against him. also N.
  19. array
    V. clothe; adorn. She liked to watch her mother array herself in her finest clothes before going out for the evening. also N.
  20. arrears
    N. being in debt. He was in arrears with his payments on the car.
  21. arrest
    V. stop or slow down; catch someone's attention. Slipping, the trapeze artist plunged from the heights until a safety net luckily arrested his fall. This near-disaster arrested the crowd's attention.
  22. arrogance
    N. pride; haughtiness. Convinced that Emma thought she was better than anyone else in the class, Ed rebuked her for her arrogance.
  23. arroyo
    N. gully. Until the heavy rains of the past spring, this arroyo had been a dry bed.
  24. arsenal
    N. storage place for military equipment. People are forbidden to smoke in the arsenal for fear that a stray spark might setoff the munitions stored there.
  25. articulate
    ADJ. effective; distinct. Her articulate presentation of the advertising campaign impressed her employers. alsoV.
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