Alzheimer Drugs

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  1. Two major microscopic changes seen in Alzheimer's; their pathogenisis
    beta-amyloid plaques (forms aggregates and interferes with cell signaling->cell death); tau tangles (disrupts microtubule formation)
  2. What are the lvls of beta-amyloid and tau tangles seen in altzhimer's patients.
    decreasing beta amyloid and increasing tau
  3. imaging technique that tracks beta amyloid levels in the brain
    Pittsburg imaging compound-B (PIB-PET)
  4. Four genetic alterations in early onset alzhemier's
    amyloid precuror protein (APP) trippled in trisomy 21; presenilin 1 and 2; apolipoprotein E4.
  5. Risk factors for develping dementia
    obesity; HTN; high cholesterol
  6. Potential treatments for Altzhimer's
    Inhibit enzymes that produce amyloid beta; amyoid beta aggregator blockers; vaccines/Ab the clear beta amyloid; inhibit tau production; inhibid tau aggregation; neuroprotective drugs (NGF)
  7. Four FDA approved drugs for treating Alzheimer's
    "Donepezil; Rivastigmine; Galantamine; and Memantine. ""Don and Riva Galantly Mimed"""
  8. reversible cholinesterase inhibitors (3)
    Donepezil; Rivastigmine; Galantamine
  9. Side effects of donepezil; galantamine; rivastigmine
    N/D/anorexia; headache; insomnia
  10. Contraindications of donepezil; galantamine; rivastigmine
    cardiac conduction abnormalities; ulcers; seizures; asthma/COPD
  11. Rivastigmine also inhibits _____ in addition to acetylcholineseterase; significance?
    butyrylcholinesterase; prevents gilal cell degredation of acetylcholine
  12. NMDA receptor antagonist what is it and what severity of alzheimer's does it treat?
    Memantine--mild to severe.
  13. MOA of memantine
    "Block ""open"" NMDA receptors-> prevent Bet amyloid from constantly opening NMDA receptors. "
  14. Other uses for memantine other than Alzheimer's
    Huntington; AIDS dementia; vascular dementia
  15. Side effects of memantine
    Diziness; constipation; confusion; headache; HTN
  16. Contraindications of memantine
    Renal impairment; CVD ; seizures
  17. DI of memantine
    increase urinary pH reduce elimination; don't use with other NMDA antagonists
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