The New Deal

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  1. New Deal
    • "A new deal for America"
    • FDR's program:
    • 1. Relief for the needy
    • 2. Economic recovery
    • 3. Financial Reform
  2. FDIC
    • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • P: Banks were failing and people lost money and didn't trust banks
    • Government Action: Government insured bank deposits (made sure people would get their deposited money back).
  3. FERA
    • Federal Emergency Relief Administration
    • P: People are struggling and have immdiate emergency needs
    • Government Action: A clearinghouse of money is created to help overburdened local relief agencies.
    • Harry Hopkins gave out $5 million within 2 hours
  4. CWA
    • Civil Works Administration
    • Problem: Unemployment and hopelessnes
    • Government action:
    • Gave jobs to the unemployed
    • Program built roads, parks, and airports
    • Improved the countries morale
    • Provided 4 million jobs
  5. CCC
    • Civilian Conservation Corps
    • Problem: Unemployment for young men
    • Government Action:
    • Put 3 million 18-25 year old men to work restoring and maintaining forests, beaches, and parks
    • FDR believed strongly in the environment and conservation
    • Workers were paid $30 a month but $25 sent back home
    • Workers were provided free fodd and shelter
  6. NRA
    • National Recovery Administration
    • Problem: Economy is not growing
    • Gov. Action:
    • Set out to balance the unstable economy through sensible planning
    • Wrote industry codes that regulate wages, working conditions, producation and even prices
    • Set a minimum wage and gave organized labor collective bargaining rights
  7. PWA
    • Public Works Administration
    • Problem:Unemployment
    • Gov. Action:
    • Launched major projects ranging from Grandd Coulee Dam to a causeway connecting Key West to the Florida mainland
    • Created JOBS!
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