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  1. Point
  2. Moti Mahal
    Great Queen Street
  3. Oxygen Club
    Irving Street
  4. Palms Restaurant
    King Street
  5. 99 Club
    Leicester Square
  6. Classic FM
    Leicester Square
  7. Heart FM
    Leicester Square
  8. LBC Radio
    Leicester Square
  9. Bear Street
    Leicester Square/Charing Cross Road
  10. Da Polpo
    Maiden Lane,
  11. Bill's
    Slingsby Place
  12. Edward J Safra Fountain
    Strand/Somerset House
  13. Globe House WC2
    Temple Place
  14. European Hotel
    Argyle Square
  15. Le Cordon Bleu
    Bloomsbury Square
  16. Euro Hotel WC1
    Cartwright Gardens
  17. Fleet Square
    Cubitt Street
  18. Wells Square
    Cubitt Street
  19. College of Law Bloomsbury
    Store Street
  20. Rizzoli Bookshop
    Strand/Somerset House
  21. Falkirk House
    Lanark Road
  22. Cliftons Restaurant W9
    Maida Vale
  23. Dukes Lane
    Pitt Street/Kensington Church Street
  24. Gillett Hotel
    Shepherds Bush Road
  25. The Black Lion PH
    South Black Lion Lane
  26. Dove Restaurant W6
    Upper Mall
  27. Black Lion PH
    Bayswater Road
  28. Byron Hotel
    Queensborough Terrace
  29. Alleyn Court
    Sussex Grdens
  30. The Curve W12
    Hemlock Road/Erica Street
  31. Kaya
     Albemarle Street,
  32. Sumosan Japanese Restaurant
    Albemarle Street
  33. Gelupo
    Archer Street
  34. Bocca di Lupo
    Archer Street, 
  35. Corks Wine Bar
    Binney Street
  36. Scoop
    Brewer Street,
  37. Yauatcha
    Broadwick Street
  38. La Petite Maison
    Brooks Mews,
  39. Institute of Brewing
    Clarges Street
  40. Nightingale House W1
    Curzon Street
  41. Copita
    D'Arblay St,
  42. Stratford Place
    Davies Street
  43. Bistro du Vin
    Dean Street
  44. Duck Soup Restaurant
    Dean Street
  45. Blue Bar W1
    Dean Street
  46. Saint Annes Court W1
    Dean Street
  47. Weiner library
    Devonshire Street
  48. Alloro
    Dover Street,
  49. Nordic Bakery
    Golden Square
  50. London College of Beauty Therapy
    Great Marlborough Street
  51. Saint Christophers Place
    James Street/Wigmore Street
  52. Shampers Wine Bar
    Kingly Street
  53. Blue Angel Club
    Little Portland Street
  54. Casting Suite
    Lower James Street
  55. Browns Restaurant W1
    Maddox Street
  56. Malletti
    Noel Street
  57. Bincho
    Old Compton Street
  58. London Learning Centre
    Oxford Street
  59. Murano
    Queen Street
  60. Eagle Bar/Diner
    Rathbone Place
  61. Wahaca Restaurant W1
    Wardour Street
  62. NOPI
    Warwick Street,
  63. So Japanese
    Warwick Street,
  64. Meat Liquor
    Welbeck Street
  65. Hampden House
    Weymouth Street
  66. Saint Bedes Deaf Church
    Clapham Road
  67. Three Six Three Society
    Clapham Road
  68. Reay Primary School
    Hackford Road
  69. Hero of Switzerland PH
    Loughborough Road
  70. Comfort Inn Vauxhall Hotel
    Old South Lambeth Road
  71. Corum Bar
    Queenstown Road
  72. Lost Theatre Company
    Wandsworth Road
  73. Nott PH
    Wandsworth Road
  74. Derby Hotel
    Cromwell Road
  75. Derwent House
    Cromwell Road
  76. The Jam Cupboard
    Gloucester Rd/Rydges Kensington Plaza
  77. Polish Institute
    Princes Gate
  78. Ognisko Polish Club
    Princes Gate
  79. Darwin Centre
    Queens Gate
  80. Brogans Bar
    Fulham Broadway
  81. Elk Bar
    Fulham Road
  82. Lyceum House
    Waldemar Avenue
  83. Olave House
    Longridge Road
  84. Infinity
    Old Brompton Road
  85. Rich Lane
    Warwick Road
  86. Parkes Hotel
    Beaufort Gardens
  87. Ropers Orchard
    Danvers Street
  88. Big Easy Restaurant
    Kings Road
  89. Buddhapadipa Temple
    Calonne Road
  90. Cranmer Terrace
    Fountain Road
  91. Rogers Road SW17
    Garratt Lane
  92. Ramble Inn
    Merton Road
  93. Mitre Hotel & Bar
    Mitcham Road
  94. British Thomas Grant School
    Belltrees Grove
  95. Streatham Constitutional Club
    Leigham Court Road
  96. Tote House
    Upper Richmond Road
  97. Exhibit Bar
    Balham Station Road
  98. Grafton Tennis & Squash Club
    Thornton Road
  99. Riviera Restaurant & Bar
    Battersea Square
  100. Northcote Lodge School
    Bolingbroke Grove
  101. Battersea Coroners Court
    Coppock Close
  102. Battersea Mess & Music Hall
    Lavender Gardens
  103. Tokyo Jo Café
    Lavender Hill
  104. Sugar Cane Bar
    Lavender Hill
  105. Bridge Lane
    Surrey Lane/Battersea Bridge Road
  106. Chelsea Ram PH
    Burnaby Street
  107. Billing Road
    Fulham Road
  108. Gilston Road
    Fulham Road/The Boltons
  109. Water Rat PH
    Milmans Street
  110. Gilmour's Restaurant
    Park Walk
  111. Dolphin Square Squash Club
    Chester Street
  112. Catholic Truth Society
    Eccleston Square
  113. Francis Holland School
    Graham Terrace
  114. Seacole Building
    Marsham Street/Home Office
  115. Agent Provocateur SW1
    Pont Street
  116. JJ Fox Cigars
    Saint James's Street
  117. Brooks Club
    Saint James's Street
  118. Matthew Parker Street
    Tothill Street/Storeys Gate
  119. Carlyle House
    Vauxhall Bridge Road
  120. National Liberal Club
    Whitehall Place
  121. Parnell House
    Wilton Road
  122. Mary Ann Buildings
    Deptford High Street
  123. Bellerbys College
    Stowage/Bounty House
  124. Club Couture
    Camberwell Church Street
  125. Sun & Doves PH
    Coldharbour Lane
  126. Pesh Flower School
    Denmark Hill
  127. Sunshine House
    Peckham Road
  128. Prendergast School
    Adelaide Avenue
  129. Mais House
    Sydenham Hill
  130. Olley's Fish & Chips SE24
    Norwwod Road
  131. Jags Sports Club
    Red Post Hill
  132. German Church SE23 Dietrich Bonhoffer
    Dacres Road
  133. East Dulwich Tavern
    Goose Green
  134. Franklins Restaurant
    Lordship Lane
  135. Dos Amigos Restaurant SE22
    Lordship Lane
  136. The Gardens
    Peckham Rye
  137. Little Bornes SE21
    Alleyn Park
  138. Lings Coppice
    Croxted Road
  139. Dulwich Hamlet Junior School
    Dulwich Village
  140. Dulwich Society
    Dulwich Village
  141. Mary Datchelor Playing Fields
    Hunts Slip Road
  142. Beehive PH SE17
    Carter Street
  143. FA Albin & Sons
    Culling Road
  144. Helen Peele Cottages
    Lower Road
  145. Tavistock Tower
    Onega Gate
  146. Caroline Gardens
    Asylum Road
  147. Frog on the Green Restaurant
    Consort Road
  148. Nunhead Library
    Gordon Road
  149. Norfolk House Constitutional Club
    Queens Road
  150. Goldsmiths Gardens Restaurant
    Lewisham Way
  151. Addey & Stanhope School
    New Cross Road
  152. Legge Street
    Lewisham High Street
  153. Twycross Mews
    Blackwall Lane
  154. Wernher Collection
    Chesterfield Walk/Rangers House
  155. Deals Gateway
    Deptford Bridge
  156. San Miguel Bar
    Greenwich Church Street
  157. Green Village Restaurant
    Greenwich Church Street
  158. Baba's Sandwich Bar
    Greenwich South Street
  159. Spread Eagle PH SE10
    Nevada Street
  160. Plume of Feathers PH
    Park Vista
  161. Greenwich Union PH
    Royal Hill
  162. Ricks Café Bar
    Trafalgar Road
  163. Sir Christopher Wrens House
  164. Ruse PH
    Borough High Street/Great Suffolk Street
  165. Pineapple PH SE1
    Hercules Road
  166. Saint Thomas House SE1
    Lambeth Palace Road
  167. Emblem House
    Tooley Street
  168. Absolutely Starving Restaurant
    Tooley Street
  169. Charles Dickens PH
    Union Street
  170. Wellington Hotel
    Waterloo Road
  171. Alfies Rooftop Restaurant
    Church street/Alfies Antique Market
  172. Viceroy Court
    Prince Albert Road
  173. Harry Morgans Diner
    Saint Johns Wood High Street
  174. Dora House
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  175. Saint Johns Wood Court
    Saint Johns Wood Road
  176. Gallery Restaurant
    Broadhurst Gardens
  177. Nautilus Fish & Chips
    Fortune Green Road
  178. Fortune Green Medical Centre
    Fortune Green Road
  179. Blue Moon Café
    Fortess Road
  180. Aces & Eights PH
    Fortess Road
  181. Thanet Youth Club
    Herbert Street
  182. Fenton House Museum
    Hampstead Grove
  183. Westfield Apartments
    Kidderpore Avenue
  184. Willesden Working Men's Club
    Villiers Road
  185. Wild Hatch NW11
  186. Learie Constantine Centre
    Dudden Hill Lane
  187. Willesden New Cemetery
    Franklyn Road
  188. Masons Arms PH
    Harrow Road
  189. Islamic College for Advanced Studies
    Willesden High Road
  190. Honest Sausage NW1
    Broadwalk Regents Park
  191. Somerstown Community Centre
    Chalton Street
  192. Boogaloo Bar
    Archway Road
  193. Gunners PH
    Blackstock Road
  194. Worlds End PH N4
    Stroud Green Road
  195. Linden Lea
    Norrice Lea/Kingsley Way
  196. Carlisle House
    Dartmouth Park Hill
  197. Boston Arms PH
    Junction Road
  198. Oak Bar
    Green Lanes
  199. Black Boy PH
    West Green Road
  200. Hertford House N1
    Cranwood Street
  201. London Fight Factory
    Ebenezer Street
  202. Orsman Road
    Kingsland Road/Whitmore Road
  203. City & Hackney Teaching Primary Care Trust
    Nuttall Street/Saint Leonards
  204. Wallpaper Factory
    Offord Road
  205. Northchurch Road
    Southgate Road
  206. Walbrook Club
    Bond Court
  207. Church Entry
    Carter Lane/Ireland Yard
  208. Norwich Street
    Fetter Lane/Furnival Street
  209. The Don
    St Swithin's Lane
  210. London Regalia Restaurant
    Swan Lane
  211. Simpsons Tavern
    Ballcourt / Cornhill
  212. Bangalore Express
    Corbet Court/Gracechurch Street
  213. Ladurée
  214. Green's Restaurant And Oster
  215. Elephant PH
    Fenchurch Street
  216. Hennessys Bar & Restaurant
    Jewry Street
  217. The Willis Building
    Lime Street
  218. City FOB Wine Bar
    Lower Thames Street
  219. Peninsular House EC3
    Monument Street
  220. Sauterelle
    Royal Exchange
  221. Imperial City
    Royal Exchange/Cornhil
  222. Napket
    Royal Exchange/Threadneedle st
  223. Underwriters PH
    Saint Mary Axe
  224. City Tower EC2
    Basinghall Avenue
  225. Mayor's & City of London County Court
    Basinghall Street
  226. Balls Brothers
    Blomfield Street
  227. Bridgewater Square
    Bridgewater Street/Viscount Street
  228. Tapestry Building
    Devonshire Square
  229. European Bank of Reconstruction & Development
    Exchange Square
  230. Fuji Bank
    Finsbury Circus
  231. Bar Battu
    Gresham Street
  232. City Caphe
    Ironmonger Lane
  233. Harry's Bar
    Ironmonger Lane
  234. Sri Thai City
    London Wall
  235. Corney & Barrow
    Mason's Avenue
  236. Gows Restaurant
    Old Broad Street
  237. Vertigo Bar
    Old Broad Street
  238. The Telegraph
    Telegraph Street
  239. Pacific Oriental
    Threadneedle Street
  240. Brasserie Blanc
    Threadneedle Street
  241. Le Relais de Venise l'entrecôte
    Throgmorton Street
  242. Rhodes Twenty Four
    Tower 42/Old Broad Street
  243. Cathedral Lodge
    Aldersgate Street
  244. Opera Bar
    Arlington Way
  245. Longbow House
    Chiswell Street
  246. Herald & Evening Times
    Clerkenwell Road
  247. Ludlow Street
    Gee Street
  248. Buchanan House EC1
  249. ASLEF ( The Train Drivers Union )
    Saint John Street
  250. Gate Restaurant
    Saint John Street
  251. Marine Stewardship Council
    Snow Hill
  252. White Post Lane
    Carpenters Road/Rothbury Road
  253. Hackney Pearl Café & Bar
    Prince Edward Road
  254. Bridge House E9
    Shepherds Lane
  255. Pembury Tavern PH
    Amhurst Road
  256. Time Square
    Colvestone Crescent
  257. Cell Studio
    Dalston Lane
  258. Village PH
    Kingsland Road
  259. Konuralp Hotel
    Mare Street
  260. Anatolia Restaurant
    Mare Street
  261. Evergreen Square
    Mulberry Road/Celendine Drive
  262. Old Ship PH
    Sylvester Path/Mare Street
  263. Netil House
    Westgate Street
  264. Tiger Way E5
    Downs Road
  265. Gooch House
    Kenninghall Road
  266. Three Sisters PH
    Queensdown Road/Cricketfield Road
  267. Lennox Lewis Centre
    Theydon Road
  268. Hancock Road
    Blackwall Tunnel Northern Approach
  269. Bow Municipal Building
    Bow Road
  270. The News Kiosk
    Bow Road/Bow Road Station
  271. British Street
    Merchant Street
  272. Guardian Angels Church
    Mile End Road
  273. Backstreet Bar
    Wentworth Mews
  274. Autumn Street
    Wick Lane
  275. Iceland Road
    Wick Lane
  276. Caspian Wharf
    Yeo Street
  277. Gales Gardens
    Bethnal Green Road
  278. Hadrian Estate
    Hackney Road
  279. Grayling Square
    Nelson Gardens/Old Bethnal Green Road
  280. Lewis Milk Supplies
    Oval Road
  281. Kent Street
    Queensbridge Road
  282. Nettie Horn Gallery
    Vyner Street
  283. Flamingo House
    Warner Place/Gosset Street
  284. Haggerston Girls Secondary School
    Weymouth Terrace
  285. Harold Scott House
    Birchfield Street
  286. Telehouse
    Corriander Avenue
  287. Poplar & Blackwall Rowing Club
    Ferry Street
  288. Acme Studios E14
    Gillender Street
  289. Virginia Quay
    Newport Avenue/Leamouth Circus
  290. Riverview Court
    Old Bellgate Place
  291. Alexia Square
    Pepper Street/East Ferry Road
  292. Poplar Bowls Club
    Poplar Recreation Park/Poplar High Street
  293. Harbour Quay
    Prestons Road
  294. Lovegrove Walk
    Prestons Road
  295. Dora Street
    Rhodeswell Road
  296. Andrew Street E14
    Saint Leonards Road
  297. Cliftons Restaurant E14
    Westferry Road
  298. Saint Georges German Church
    Alie Street
  299. Arbour House
    Arbour Square
  300. Justice Apartments
    Aylward Street
  301. Peter Shore Court
    Beaumont Square
  302. Salmon & Ball PH
    Bethnal Green Road
  303. Shadwell Sure Start Childrens Centre
    Cable Street
  304. Firewatch Court
    Candle Street
  305. Harkness House
    Christian Street
  306. Gowers Walk
    Commercial Road/Hooper Street
  307. Swedenborg Gardens
    Crowder Street
  308. City of London Dairies
    Middlesex Street
  309. Trinity Green
    Mile End Road
  310. White Hart PH E1
    Mile End Road
  311. Level 3 Communications
    Prescot Street
  312. Booth House ( Salvation Army )
    Whitechapel Road
  313. Rythme Factory
    Whitechapel Road

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