anatomy 1

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  1. 3 general functions of blood
    • transportation- respiratory gas, nutrients
    • regulation- body temp, PH, fluid balance
    • protection- against blood loss and disease 
  2. specialized connective tissue of blood
    formed elements- 45%,- WBC, RBCs, Platelets

    Plasma= Fluid portion and fibrinogen- Proteins, Water, Other solutes
  3. 3 main proteins for blood plasma
    albunin, globulins, fibrinogen
  4. plasma proteins- 3 components
    albumins, globulins, fibrinogens
  5. albumins
    1 of 3 types of plasma proteins

    • smallest and most abundant plasma proteins,
    • make up 58% of total proteins
    • Exerts greatest colloid osmotic pressure- helps maintain blood volume and pressure. 
    • Acts as transport proteins- carry ions, hormones, some lipids
  6. globulins
    1 of 3 types of plasma proteins

    • 2nd largest group 
    • Make up 37% of total proteins
    • Smaller alpha globulins and larger beta globulins- transport some water insoluble molecules, hormones, metals, ions
    • Gamma Globulins- immunoglobulins or antibodies- help in bodies defense
  7. fibrinogen
    1 of 3 types of plasma proteins

    • make up 4% of total proteins
    • contributes to blood clot formation
    • Following trauma, converted o insoluble fibrin strands
    • Plasma with clotting proteins removed- serum
  8. serum
    plasma with clotting protein removed
  9. formed elements
    • include cells and cell fragments-
    • erythrocytes,
    • thrombocytes
    • Leukocytes
  10. Erythrocytes
    • Type of formed elements
    • most numerous
  11. thrombocytes
    type of formed elements

    • platelets
    • hundred of thousands
  12. Leukocytes
    • type of formed elements
    • 2 types:
    • A) Granular- Neutrophils, Eosinophills, Basophills
    • B) Agranular- Monocytes, Lymphocytes, T cells, B Cells
  13. Hematopoesis
    process by which blood cells are formed from hematopoietic stem cells called hemotocytoblasts
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