F. S. Law

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  1. a proportional reduction of a legacy under a will when assets out of which such legacy are payable are not sufficient to pay it in full
  2. the extinction or withdrawal of an inheritance because decedent did not own the property at the time of death
  3. a man who has been appointed by the court to settle an estate
  4. a woman who has been appointed by the court to settle an estate
  5. a gift of personal property by will

  6. an addition or amendment of a last will and testament executed with the same formality as the will
  7. a legal process used by one wishing to collect a debt from an estate
    creditor's claim
  8. the reduction of a dead human body to inorganic bone fragments by intense heat in a specifically designed retort or chamber
  9. a gift of real estate made by will
  10. one who inherits real estate under a will
  11. property would be distributed equally to the children
    distribution per capita
  12. distribution among heirs according to relationship to deceased
    distribution per stripes
  13. exists when person executes a power of attorney which will become or remain effective in the event he or she should later become disabled
    durable power of attorney
  14. a. inventory
    b. to file and pay the descedents & estate tax returns
    c. to pay claims
    d. accounting
    duties of personal representative
  15. an interest in law for nonexclusive or intermittent use
  16. the inherent power of a government to take private property for public use. In the U.S. just compensation to the property owners is required.
    eminent domain
  17. forfeiture of a decedent's property to the state in the absence of heirs
  18. the property of a deceased person, both real and/or personal
  19. a man appointed by the will of a deceased person to carry out the provisions thereof and settle the estate
  20. a woman appointed by the will of a deceased person to carry out the provisions thereof and settle the estate
  21. an instrument in writing authorizing, one person to do anything for the principal. In other words, one party has full power of attorney for another party.
    general power of attorney
  22. a will written entirely by the testator with his own hand
    holographic will
  23. the estate which passes from the decedent to his/her heirs
  24. between states
  25. within a state
  26. the succession of an heir at law to the property and estate of his ancestor when the latter has died without a will
    intestate succession
  27. bequest
  28. one who inherits personal property under a will
  29. a. destruction or alteration of will
    b. marriage and divorce
    c. execution of a later will
    d. after-born child
    methods of revocation
  30. use of property which interferes with the public or another landowner's use of his propertya landowner's
  31. act, occupations or structures which are not nuisances per se, but may become nuisances by reason of the location or manner in which it is operated
    nuisances in fact
  32. act, occupations or structures which are  nuisances at all times and under all circumstacnces. it may be prejudicial to public morals, dangerous to life or injurious to public rights.
    nuisance per se
  33. oral will declared or dictated by testator during last illness before appropriate witnesses to dispose of personal property and afterwards reduced to writing, (not valid in  all states).
    nuncupative will
  34. person who represents and administers the estate of deceased persons i.e., executors and administrators
    personal representative
  35. a. authorization to cremate
    b. wrongdoing in the cremation process
    c. misdelivery of cremated remains
    d. unclaimed cremated remains
    potential liabilities and precautions of funeral directors
  36. testator's informing witnesses that document is will
  37. a. in the public interest
    b. for private reason
    reasons for disinterment
  38. a. federal standards
    b. state standards
    regulatory specifications of funeral homes
  39. provision in a deed limiting the use of property and prohibiting certain uses
    restrictive covenant
  40. the omission or cancellation of an instrument, act, license, or promise
  41. an estate in which the assets exceed the liabilities
    solvent estate
  42. an instrument in writing authorizing one person to act as an agent for another effective only upon a certain event occurring
    springing power of attorney
  43. a man who makes a valid will
  44. a woman who makes a valid will
  45.  an instrument executed with required formality by a person making disposition of their property to take effect upon their death
  46. a law passed by a municipality by virtue of the police power which regulates and prescribes the kind of building, residences, or businesses that shall be built and used in different parts of the municipality
    zoning ordinance
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