Court cases ch 4

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  1. Barron v Baltimore
     bill of rights applies to federal govt and not to states
  2. gitlow v ny
    applied freedom of speech to states
  3. lemon v kurtzman
    • 1. aid has to be of nonreligious 
    • 2. cannot use money to est the religious practice
    • 3. avoid excessive govt involvement
  4. Engel v Vital
    prayer in school can't involve the state
  5. freedom of expression
    • 1. bad tendency
    • 2. clear/present danger test
    • 3. preferred position doctrine.
  6. NY times v U.S
     court case on prior restraint
  7. osborne v ohio
    outlaw the possession of child porn
  8. griswold v connecticut
    can't outlaw birthcontrol; right to privacy
  9. roe v wade
    divide pregnancy into 3 trimesters
  10. webster v reproduction health service
    hospital can refuse to do abortions
  11. gideon v wainwight
    right to attorney
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