HESI A&P Histology, Mitosis & Meiosis

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  1. What is Histology?
    the study of tissues
  2. What is a tissue?
    A group of cells that act together to perform a specific function.
  3. What are the 4 fundamental tissues?
    • Connective Tissue
    • Muscular Tissue
    • Epithelial Tissue
    • Nervous Tissue
  4. What is the function of Epithelial Tissue?
    Cover, line, and protect the body and its internal organs.
  5. What function does Connective Tissue have?
    Its the framework of the body providing support and structure to the organs.
  6. What is the function of the Nervous Tissue?
    Composed of Neurons and Neuroglia (connective tissue). Send nerve impulses to and from the CNS.
  7. What function does the Muscle Tissue have? 
    Has the ability to shorten and contract. It can be either voluntary (skeletal muscle) or involuntary muscle (smooth and cardiac muscles). 
  8. What is a cell?
    The basic unit of life and the building block of tissues and organs.
  9. What are the Ribosomes important in?
    Protein synthesis
  10. What does the Nucleus contain?
  11. Proteins include the _______ that regulate all ________ reactions within the body.
    • Enzymes 
    • Chemical
  12. ________ is necessary for growth and repair.
  13. _________ is the special cell division that takes place in the gonads, that is, the ovaries and testes.
  14. In Meiosis, the chromosome number is reduced from __ to __, so when the egg and sperm unite in fertilization the zygote will have the correct number of chromosomes.
    • 46
    • 23
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