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  1. a.      Many differences in reproductive anatomy between males and females reflect distinct structures and functions of the two types of gametes.
    Explain sperm and eggs.
    a With these differences egg and sperm developments involve different patterns of meiotic division
    • Sperm: Small and motile
    • Egg: provide initial food stores for embryo; larger and carry out their function within the female reproductive system where they must mature in synchrony with the tissues that will support the embryo
  2. Spermatogenesis: definition                                                              i.      Continuous and prolific in adult males
     to produce hundreds of millions of sperm each day, cell division and maturation occur throughout the __ coiled within the two testes
    iii.       for a single sperm, the process takes about __ weeks from start to end
    • the formation and development of sperm
    • seminiferous tubules
    • 7
  3. a.   Oogenesis: definition
                                                                  i.       __process in human female
    ii.   immature eggs form in __but don’t complete their development until years, and often decades, later
    • development of mature oocytes (eggs)
    • prolonged
    • ovary of female embryo
  4. Spermatogenesis differs from oogenesis in 3 ways: First
    • only in spermatogenesis do all four products of meiosis develop into mature gametes
    • 2.   In oogenesis, cytokinesis during meiosis is unequal, with almost all the cytoplasm segregated to a single daughter cell
    • .       This large cell is destined to become the egg; the other products of meiosis, smaller cells called polar bodies, degenerate
  5. Spermatogenesis differs from oogenesis in 3 ways: Second
    • 1.    Spermatogenesis occurs throughout adolescence and adulthood
    • 2.    During oogenesis in human females, mitotic divisions are thought to be complete before birth, and the production of mature gametes ceases at about age 50
  6. Spermatogenesis differs from oogenesis in 3 ways: Third
    1. Spermatogenesis produces mature sperm from precursor cells in a continuous sequence, whereas oogenesis has long interruptions
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