Unit 2 Module 1 Biological Molecules

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  1. Atomic Structure
    A nucleus containing Protons and Neutrons surrounded by Electrons orbiting in fixed shells
  2. Ionic bonds
    Attraction between oppositely charged ions
  3. Covalent Bonds
    The sharing of one or more electrons
  4. Hydrogen bonds
    A weak bond formed when partially positively charged groups come close to partially negative groups.
  5. Carbohydrates
    • A class of biological molecules with the general formula CnH2nOn, including sugars, starches, glycogen and cellulose
    • Uses include energy storage and supply, and in some organisms, structure
    • The monomer is a monosaccharide
    • The polymer is a polysaccharide
  6. Protein
    • A polymer consisting of Amino Acids covalently bonded together
    • Uses include structure, transport, and making enzymes, antibodies and some hormones
    • The monomer is Amino Acids
    • The polymers are polypeptides and proteins
  7. Lipids
    A diverse group of chemicals responsible for energy supply, thermal insulation, forming protective layers and membranes, providing electrical insulation in neurones and forming some hormones
  8. Vitamin
    Organic chemicals required for maintaining a healthy metabolism
  9. Minerals
    Inorganic chemicals required for maintaining a healthy metabolism
  10. Nucleic Acids
    • A polymer of nucleotide molecules that forms information molecules that carry the instructions for the life of the cell
    • The monomer is nucleotides
    • The polymers are DNA and RNA
  11. Nucleotides
    A monomer consisting of a phosphate, a sugar and an organic base
  12. Water
    A solvent used for most metabolic reactions, also used to support plant cells and transport in all life.
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