2013 Science chapter 2 section 1

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  1. What are the three characteristics of Chordates?
    • 1. Notochord
    • 2.  Nerve Cord in Back
    • 3.  Slits in throat area
  2. What is a subgroup in the phylum Chordata?
  3. All members of the Christenson phylum Chordata are called?
  4. True or false Most chordates are Vertebrae

    Name five vertebrae chordates
    • True
    • Fishes, amphibians, such as frogs, reptiles, snakes.
  5. Birds and mammals are vertebrate or invertebrate?
  6. How many chordates are in vertebrates??
    A few
  7. Name three things chordates will have at some point in their lives?
    • 1. Not notochord
    • 2.  Nerve cord in back
    • 3. Slits in throat area
  8. Define notochord First characteristic of chordates
    A flexible rod that supports a chordates back
  9. Give one example of a chordate with a flexible rod
    A lancelet
  10. Define nerve cord in back 2nd Characteristic of chordate
    It is the connection between the brain and the nerves on which messages travel back and forth
  11. Define slits in throat area 3rd Characteristic of chordate
    At some point in their lives chordates have slits in their throat area called pharyngeal, slits or gill slits.
  12. What are the two characteristics of vertebrate
    Backbone ,internal skeleton 
  13. Define backbone
    A spine that runs down the center of the animals that
  14. Define vertbrae
    Line up in a row like beads on strings joints or movable connections between the vertebrae give the spine Flexibility
  15. Define internal skeleton
    I endoskeleton that protects the internal organs of the body, helps give the body shape, and gives muscles a place to attach.
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