SAT Vocab

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  1. Misogyny
    hatred of women
  2. perpetrator
    one who commits an offense
  3. unbecoming
    behavior not suited for polite society
  4. rovoke 
    take away
  5. anachronism
    something that belongs in another time perdiod. 

  6. anticlimax
    event that's expected to be exciting but turns out to be disappointing 
  7. appease
    lessen the anger of 
  8. Idiosyncrasy 
    • behavior distinctinve to a particular person.
    • "cracking knuckles"
  9. vigilant
  10. paragon
    model of excellence 
  11. predicament
    unfavorable situation
  12. Ominous
    seen as a sign of things to come
  13. fickle
    likely to change suddenly
  14. indignant 
    of strong opinion 
  15. coerce
    force someone into doing something 
  16. foresight 
    ability to make good decisions by anticipation what will happen in the long term future 
  17. conjecture 
    a theory not yet strongly supported 
  18. reluctant 
    not wanting to do something
  19. defer
    put off doing something
  20. mundane
    • found in the ordinary course of events
    • "mundane matters like paying the bills and shopping for food don't interest her."
  21. convene 
    meet together in a formal way
  22. adjunct 
    something added on to something else but not an essential part of it
  23. ratify 
    express approval
  24. equestrian 
    to do with horse riding
  25. precede 
    go before something
  26. virtuoso 
    someone who is extremely skilled 
  27. ulterior 
    (usually of motives) hidden 
  28. amorous 
    full of romantic love
  29. cessation
    stopping of a process of activity 
  30. transmute
    change form
  31. unanimity 
    speaking as one
  32. armada 
    large fleet of ships
  33. query
    question; ask a question
  34. nuance
    subtle difference
  35. animosity
  36. azure
    light purplish-blue color
  37. subterfuge 
    elaborate deception
  38. prerequisite 
    something that's necessary to have beforehand 
  39. intricate
    full of many small parts
  40. recuperate 
    recover from illness or physical hardships
  41. entice
    persuade someone to do something
  42. maelstrom
    circular current of water 

    "the country is gradually being sucked into the maelstrom of civil war."
  43. missive
    written message to a person or organization
  44. comprise
    to be made of 
  45. menial
    involving unskilled work
  46. incongruous 
    lacking harmony 
  47. galvanize
    stimulate into action 
  48. confide 
    tell a secret to
  49. mitigate 
    absolving someone from blame
  50. convalesce 
    recover from illness
  51. precipice 
    steep cliff 
  52. candid
    straightforward and honest
  53. distort
    twist or bend out of shape
  54. revile
    not like
  55. obligatory 
  56. lenient 
    not being harsh
  57. interlude
    intervening period of time
  58. litigation
    legal proceedings
  59. incidentally 
    "by the way"
  60. manifesto 
    statement of purpose 
  61. futile 
  62. iconoclast
    someone who attacks traditional ideas
  63. injunction 
    formal command
  64. disillusionment
    abandonment of belief in things as they appear to be
  65. waive
    give up something 
  66. succumb 
    consent reluctantly 
  67. paradox
    statement that contradicts itself 
  68. adament
    not willing to change one's mind
  69. appraise 
    rate the performance of
  70. intercede
    try to reconcile differences between two parties
  71. paramount 
    of the utmost importance 
  72. undermine 
    take away from 
  73. surrogate
    in place of another
  74. gratuity 
    small amount of money given for a service 
  75. commemorate 
    of a ceremony or memorial which ensure rememberance 
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