KS3 Year 8 Sound

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  1. What is sound intensity?
    The loudness (volume) of a sound.
  2. What do we call how high or low a musical note sounds?
    Its pitch
  3. What is the amplitude of a sound wave?
    • Height from the centre to peak of a wave.
    • (Not from top of a peak to the bottom of a trough)
  4. What is the frequency of a wave?
    The number of waves each second
  5. What is the unit of frequency?
    Hertz (Hz).
  6. What is the wavelength of a wave?
    The distance between the top of one wave and the top of the next.
  7. Name the instrument which shows a picture of a wave on a screen.
  8. What is a wave?
    Something that transfers energy from one place to another without transferring matter.
  9. What is a vacuum?
    A completely empty space with no particles.
  10. In the ear what does the cochlea do?
    It is the spiral part of the ear that changes sound vibrations into electrical impulses.
  11. In the ear what is the eardrum and what does it do?
    A thin membrane inside the ear which vibrates when sound reaches it.
  12. What is an electrical signal carried by a nerve cell?
  13. What is the unit for measuring the loudness of a sound?
    Decibel (dB)
  14. What is the definition of noise?
    Unwanted sound.
  15. What do we mean by threshold of hearing?
    The quietest sound that can be heard.
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