KS3 Year 7 Energy

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  1. What is the definition of a fuel.
    A substance that can be burnt to release heat energy (it is used up).
  2. What is Kinetic Energy?
    Movement Energy.
  3. What type of energy is vibrations in the air?
    Sound Energy.
  4. What is Thermal Energy?
    Thermal energy is what we call energy that comes from heat.
  5. What is Light Energy?
    Energy carried by light rays.
  6. What type of energy is stored in batteries, food and fuel (in chemical molecules)?
    Chemical Energy.
  7. What type of energy is moving charges in a wire in a circuit?
    Electrical Energy.
  8. What is Gravitational Potential Energy?
    Energy held by an object that is high up e.g. A rock on a mountain has stored energy because of its position above the ground and the pull of gravity. This is the energy it would release if it fell.
  9. What is Elastic Energy?
    The energy stored in an elastic band or spring that has been stretched or squashed.
  10. What is Nuclear Energy?
    The energy released by a nuclear reaction or stored in an atomic nucleus.
  11. What is global warming?
    The process of the Earth's atmosphere heating due to the greenhouse effect.
  12. Describe what the Greenhouse Effect is.
    The atmosphere of the Earth trapping heat from the sun.
  13. Name 3 Fossil Fuels.
    • Natural gas
    • Coal
    • Oil
  14. What diagram shows energy transfer for a device?
    Sankey Diagram
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