Hebrew Scriptures

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  1. In Peter’s address to the Israelites, what did he say about Jesus? (3)
      • He
      • worked mighty deeds

      • He was killed but God raised him up

      • He was
      • Lord and Messiah
  2. What accusations were brought against Stephen? (3)
      • Blasphemous
      • words against Moses and God

      • Jesus
      • would destroy the Temple

      • Jesus
      • would change the customs of Moses
  3. What was the attitude of Paul of Tarsus toward life and possible
    death? (2)
      • Life:
      • fruitful labor

      • Death:
      • joining Christ
  4. What did Paul exhort the Philippians to do? (2)
      • Regard
      • others as more important than themselves

      • Have the
      • same humility as Christ
  5. What did James warn about the tongue/speech? (3)
      • No one
      • could tame it

      • It is a restless evil filled with poison

      • We
      • bless God and curse God’s images with it
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